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Thermal and Infrared Imaging Products


Product Update

Thermal and Infrared Imaging Products

by Rich Handley

April 2002

The heat is on once more in the field of thermal and multispectral imaging, as industry leaders continue to push the envelope on imaging outside the range of the human visible spectrum. Easier handling, user-friendly interfacing, and economical pricing are making it increasingly more convenient to photograph that which the naked eye cannot see...

An image taken with a 640X480 MWIR camera, courtesy Amain Electronics

An image taken with a 640X480 MWIR camera, courtesy Amain Electronics

Amain Electronics, a firm in Nevada, has developed a line of custom visible-through-Infrared cameras for military, medical and industrial control applications. Available pixel sizes are 5.6 microns and up. Amain's camera technology provides an over-sample A/D converter at each pixel, with monolithic integrated circuitry, no micro-lens, and hybrid infrared photo voltaic or photo conductive, cooled and uncooled InSb, HgCdTe and InGaAs. Amain's 640X480 MWIR camera offers f 2.2 optics, sensitivity of 11 milliKelvin, and 14 bits dynamic range 10E8 well capacity, with multiple IR design capability, 120 kframes, and 50e noise.

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French distributor BFI Optilas is launching PalmIR 225 Digital-a hand-held IR camera from Raytheon-on the European market, primarily to police, firefighters and industry workers needing infrared technology. The stealth-black camera features one-button point-and-view operation with digitally improved imagery and video output for recording capability. At just over 1 kg, the PalmIR 225 Digital is quite light. Ideal applications for the PalmIR 225D include predictive maintenance (electrical, mechanical and petro-chemical); building inspection (roofing, moisture intrusion and insulation); industrial heat loss (furnaces, ovens, processes and steam); and HVAC (duct integrity and airflow analysis).
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