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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

The Unique High Performance, Miniature Infrared Camera Thermal Imaging Breakthrough from Thermoteknix

Ultra-compact uncooled (unstabilized) solid-state high resolution infrared camera delivering

Thermoteknix has raised the bar to new heights in launching the world’s first Alpha Silicon based Focal Plane Array thermal imaging camera with shutterless XTi technology. The MIRICLE® 110KS with XTi is an ultra-compact uncooled (unstabilized) solid-state high resolution infrared camera delivering "Never Blind™" thermal imaging. The camera is designed without a shutter or any moving parts to interrupt vision at critical moments and is unaffected by shock or vibration.

MIRICLE is a thermal infrared imaging system ideally suited for military and security applications. Thermal imaging relies purely on the detection of heat and is entirely different to low light cameras which require a certain level of illumination in order to function. Thermal Imaging offers night vision in both low light as well as in complete darkness, through smoke and fog.

Built in the smallest footprint, MIRICLE cores and engines offer a range of microbolometer detectors in common electronic packages incorporating the very latest micro-electronics and power efficient management. Thermoteknix MIRICLE infrared cores and engines provide the OEM builder with high performance thermal imaging in highly compact, lightweight, low power, rugged, modular designs. Powerful embedded software, a choice of analog video and digital video and accessories put MIRICLE camera engines ahead of the field. Available in "sandwich" or "flexi" formats as cores (electronics and detector package) or engines (electronics, detector, shutter, lens), MIRICLE OEM cameras provide the camera developer with flexible configurations to tailor mechanical and electronic integration on a single platform.Thermoteknix Systems Ltd Waterbeach, Cambridge UK

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