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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

The Schneider Group Introduces New Line of Compact C-mount Lenses

Includes Built-in Accessory Threads That Simplify Filter Mounting

The Schneider Group has introduced an even more advanced version of its line of the compact C-mount lenses for high resolution megapixel CCD and CMOS cameras for machine vision applications. Following the recent introduction of Schneider industrial filters for machine vision applications, the design of Schneider Xenoplan and Cinegon compact C-mount lenses has been upgraded to include built-in accessory threads that simplify filtermounting. The new filter threads have been added to lenses having focal lengths ranging from 4.8 mm to 50 mm, featuring image circles with 2/3-inch or 1-inch formats and up to 22 mm diagonal.

Additional lens features include a new enhanced-precision iris (with our popular locking mechanism) that improves control of grey-scale calibration. A unique focus mechanism enables very fine focus adjustment and locking without backlash. The robust design assures extremely reliable and precise measurements even in the most harsh production environments.

Schneider Xenoplan and Cinegon compact C-mount lenses also feature a broadband anti-reflection coating for the spectral range of 400 nm to 1000 nm, which maximizes transmission and improves image contrast by reducing stray light. Combining a low-distortion design with a high-quality coating results in superior optical performance that will satisfy even the most demanding requirements of next-generation vision systems.

Schneider UV, IR, polarizing, neutral density and color filters are available with threaded mounts for easy and quick attachment to all types of lenses. The Polarizing filters have new rotating mounts that allow fast and accurate alignment of the polarization axis. A new locking mechanism fixes the polarization orientation after calibration, for long term stability. Band pass filters enhance the image contrast capabilities of vision systems that use advanced LED lighting, by allowing light only of their specified transmission wavelength (the "pass band") to pass through, while blocking any light at wavelengths shorter or longer than the pass band. The Schneider Group Hauppauge, N.Y.

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