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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

The RL-9 High Output LED Ring Light from Orled Diminishes Glare

Helps Reduce Glare While Adding More Contrast

The RL-9 high output LED ring light from Orled now comes with a polarizing option that diminishes glare from reflective objects.

It functions by allowing light from the RL-9's LEDs to pass through a polarizing film before illuminating the object. Light bounces off the object and passes through an analyzer before arriving at the eye of the operator or the lens of the camera. Rotating the ring at the center of the ring light aligns the analyzer with the polarizer. The result is an image that has less glare and more contrast. Glare reduction can be an indispensable asset for many applications such as electronics, eliminating the reflections off solder beads when inspecting assembled circuit boards. Orled Tigard, Ore.

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