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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

The Heart of All Imaging Solutions: Software

The Latest and Greatest in Imaging Software
OV3D is a 3D visual simulation tool that enables the U.S. Army to create communications network scenarios.
3D-DOCTOR: Vector-Based 3D Imaging and Modeling Software from Able Software.
AccuSoft Ships VisiQuest 5.0 Software Framework for Image and Signal Processing and Data Analysis.
Version 4.0 of their Aphelion Imaging Software System from ADCIS SA and Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc.
Andor iQ is live cell imaging software designed with power and flexibility in mind.
ImageWarp software from Bitflow.
DALSA introduces the Sapera Essential machine vision software toolkit featuring geometric search.
Fluorescence model showing excitation and emission rays with emission rays hitting the detector surface from Lambda.
The image and document management system EasyLab from Liebman Optical Corp.
The MathWorks Image acquisition ToolBox 2.0 now available with additional hardware support.
The Matrox Imaging Library 8.0 with Processing Pack 3 features the new metrology module.
Media Cybernetics Inc. announces the Version 2.0 release of IQmaterials software for metallographic and materials science quality control.
The Visage Pacs/Visage CS Thin Client/Server offers advanced 3D medical workstation capabilities from Mercury Computers.
Hands-on machine vision with the MVTec Vision Kit.
NI Introduces a new process model for its configurable machine vision software.
Acquisition, reconstruction and visualization of electron tomography series from Olympus Soft Imaging Solutions.
MOTION TOOLS -fully automated slow motion analysis camera control software from Photron.
VisualApplets is a graphically oriented tool, which simplifies the programming of image processing on FPGAs from Silicon Software.
SIMAGIS Smart Imaging Spreadsheet provides visual verification of the analysis.
STATISTICA is a comprehensive statistical data analysis and graphics software from StatSoft.
Common Vision Blox: GigE Vision and GenICam compatible from STEMMER.
Advanced image analysis software for SWIR windowing cameras from SUI.

By Stacey Meacham

Machine vision is a multi purpose technology that is increasingly used worldwide in various industries as well as in medical technology. A machine vision system is composed of one or more special cameras, an illumination device, a data transfer unit, and a computer to process and analyze the accordant images. The nucleus of any machine vision system is the software.

"I would say the biggest performance challenge for machine vision software developers will be meeting the needs of next generation hardware and host acceleration," said Inder Kohli, DALSA Frame Grabber/Software Product Manager. "Chief among these, on the host side, is support for Microsoft Vista; in both 32-bit and 64-bit version of the libraries. Moreover in order to take full advantage of advancements in multi-core hyperthreading CPUs, developers will need to ensure their algorithms are fully optimized to meet the increased demand for system multi-tasking."

3Dsolve Inc. (Cary, N.C.) revealed new information on OV3D (Operational Views in 3D), an innovative 3D visual simulation tool that enables the U.S. Army to create scenarios describing communications networks in a modern battlespace environment.

Extracting from relational database descriptions, OV3D can display the hierarchical relationships, dependencies, and activities among platforms, equipment, and personnel while deployed in a battlefield. OV3D provides an instant and easy to grasp visualization of database reports that are otherwise difficult to understand for interactive editing and presentation to decision makers.

In an OV3D project scenario, a technician can import existing architecture or operational data or use a PC mouse to quickly position people and equipment on a terrain to generate a geospatial view that illustrates the subtle implications of changes to a battlespace configuration. This enables users to visualize, analyze, and present complex data in a way everyone can understand.

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