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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

The Ever-Expanding Hardware Processing Category

VisionRecorders from Boulder Imaging
Customized and off-the-shelf imaging systems called VisionRecorders from Boulder Imaging.
PCI Express frame grabber for base camera link cameras from Epix
Low-cost, low-profile, PCI Express frame grabber for base camera link cameras from Epix.
Machine vision color inspection
Machine vision color inspection accelerated with Grablink Quickpack CFA PCIe from Euresys.
New NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 Graphics Card
New NVIDIA Quadro FX 5800 Graphics Card Featuring CUDA Massively Parallel Processing Architecture.
SILICON SOFTWARE introduces a new frame grabber of the successful microEnable IV series.

By Stacey Meacham

The biggest challenge and at the same time the greatest opportunity today is bridging the advances in technology with the applications that had not benefited from those yet," said Alexander Khvilivitzky, Director of Engineering (Vision Systems), Sensoray Co., (Portland, Ore.). "It's an uphill battle, because one needs to sell unique features at the price often higher than what the customer is used to. A $3,000 price tag on a smart camera does not raise any eyebrows in the automated inspection field, but in today's security market it most likely will," he said. "Our bet is that sooner or later the customers recognize and appreciate the fact that advanced analytics, image recognition and tracking of such a camera give them a chance of being competitive tomorrow. That is what we focus on in our new products. The DSP chips used in those products are only getting less expensive and more powerful, so the markets will gradually expand."

Boulder Imaging (Louisville, Colo.) is ideal for critical imaging projects using customized and off-the-shelf imaging systems called VisionRecorders™. These cutting-edge systems are built for real-time digital video recording, image processing, image analysis, playback, and data archiving of high-speed, high-resolution video in project-critical applications. VisionRecorders systems support any number of simultaneous video inputs, infrared camera, and/or visible cameras. Each system can be designed to record at speeds exceeding 1,000 MB/second, and capture high-quality images with zero data drops. Its VisionNow software provides processing tools, including histograms, image statistics, line profiles and 3D profiles. www.boulder

DALSA Corp. (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada) has expanded its line of Xcelera frame grabbers to address different camera interfaces, including analog, LVDS and Camera Link. All are based on the PCI Express (PCIe) platform and are supported by DALSA's SaperaTM Essential software. Applications for the Xcelera series include: semiconductor and electronics; automotive; medical; food inspection; paper and lumber inspection; and packaging. The Xcelera series offers OEMs more flexibility, speed and value.

The PIXCI® EB1P x1 Express frame grabber from Epix (Buffalo Grove, Ill.)supports all base configuration Camera Link cameras and provides power to a PoCL (Power over Camera Link) camera. If a standard camera link camera is connected, the PIXCI EB1P provides ground on the PoCL power pins per the Safe Power protection protocol of camera link. Another version of the PIXCI EB1P, the PIXCI EB1, does not provide PoCL and is offered at a lower price as it does not have the control circuits for Safe Power. Both the EB1P and the EB1 are low-profile form factor PCI Express add-in boards and can be used in small computers. The PIXCI EB1 offers 250 MB/second burst data rate transfer to host computers with up to 191 MB/second sustained data rate; camera-specific software controls for most cameras—exposure, bit depth, gain, frame rate, etc; camera operation in free-run mode for maximum frame rate sequence capture.

The Grablink Quickpack CFA (Color Filter Array) from Euresys (Itasca, Ill.) is a flexible and high-performance image acquisition and pre-processing board dedicated to area-scan color inspection. A set of dedicated on-board pre-processing functions speeds up image processing for applications such as PCB, food or pharmaceutical inspection without loading the host CPU. The Grablink Quickpack CFA processes 8-, 10- or 12-bit images. Its pre-processing functions include a Bayer pattern decoder and a luminance blender providing simultaneous Y and RGB output —planar or packed—for monochrome and color inspection. An optional white balance is computed on automatically selected white pixels or on a user-defined region of interest. Four 16-bit x 16-bit independent LUT operators are available for the R, G, B and Y components. The Grablink Quickpack CFA supports area-scan single or dual-tap cameras in base configuration up to 85 MHz. It is featured with nine various I/O lines available on external and internal connectors and with a 128 MB memory.

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