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The Emerging 1394b Camera Market



January 2004

The Emerging 1394b Camera Market

Higher bandwidth, capacity to handle more image capture on a single bus?these are sweet sounds to the ears of advanced imaging end-users and OEMs alike?and it's the song playing again as the arrival of the 1394b flavor of broadband is anticipated in 2004.

How fast this market emerges, where it will be located and how it impacts existing system marketing and thinking?those are the questions, and for the first Roundtable of this new year, we're asking them.


Advanced Imaging: As we head into 2004, how do you see the 1394b camera market developing?for the OEM, and for the end-user? Will the format take additional business away from frame grabbers? In short, what trends can be spotted early, as you see it?

Jerry Fife, Sony: OEMs are driving the need for 1394b to provide more bandwidth for higher performance cameras?and/or more cameras on a single bus. Three 8-bit monoVGA (640 x 480) cameras or a single 1 Mpixel camera running 30 f/sec consume most of the bandwidth of a 400 Mbps 1394a bus. Many OEMs are looking to improve performance and reduce the overall cost of systems by moving to digital networked cameras working with more compact, slotless computers. Traditional frame grabber and vision system vendors are already developing specialized industrial computers with network interfaces to address this user trend.

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