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The Big Money



July/August 2004

The Big Money

In 1925, Calvin Coolidge said, "The chief business of the American people is business." Since he uttered that phrase almost 80 years ago, times have changed. Business is now at a global scale, with each country's respective economy so symbiotically related that any arbitrary world event might affect that country's economy, thereby sending financial repercussions around the world. Here in America, with the presidential election just months away, both candidates are tackling such topics as jobs, the economy, outsourcing and taxes. Whoever occupies the White House for the next four years can determine the course for this country's economic future.

This special issue of Advanced Imaging - dubbed the "Corporate Profiles" issue - features more than 40 companies describing their history, background and the products and services they provide. We hope that you find this special section very useful and informative.

With the terror alert elevated and news about potential terrorist attacks on certain financial centers, it has become all the more important to beef up security at potentially susceptible areas. Making financial centers targets of attack is proof of how national security and the economy are strongly related. If you think otherwise, think again: at a "Business Opportunities in Homeland Security" seminar I attended three months ago, Suffolk County (NY) Deputy Chief Mark White, who is also chairman of the Long Island Committee on Counter-terrorism, stated that a "dirty bomb" attack in New York City can cost the city $50 billion. Factor in that $2 billion is spent annually on first responders and first preventers, and you're leaving an already overtaxed contingent of Empire State residents an even bigger dent in their wallets.

News reports have now surfaced that terrorists might be using limousines and livery cabs as ways to carry their deadly cargo. Lee J. Nelson shows in his article "Checking Under The Hood" (page 13) what steps are being taken to put the brakes on such terrorist activity.

Changing the subject, Peter Brown's interesting cover story "Image Sensors: Myths and Mythology" (page 10) features an interview with Dr. Ben Wu of IC Media. In "HighDef Catch-22" (page 77), Robin Rowe gets to talk to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban (who can be seen this fall in his own reality show The Benefactor) about his new business: high-definition television and film. Rounding it out is Richard Daigle's article, "Camera Systems Detects Coated Canisters" (page 81), which describes how machine vision is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

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