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January 2001

Light Works - Telecentric Vision LensesTELECENTRIC VISION LENSES Designed to meet the demanding needs of machine vision and higher-end imaging applications, the new Super-Eye lens line for third- and half-inch format area cameras, as well as line scan, includes models with working distances of more than 550 mm_demanded especially for gauging inaccessible targets. Double telecentric design allows a less than 0.2% magnification change for distance variations of up to 32 mm. The line can be used in tandem with the manufacturer's Adjustable Field Splitter for imaging two fields or directions with the same camera. Distortion values are as low as 0.1%. LIGHT WORKS. Indicate 201

Elmo Manufacturing - Portable LCD Date ProjectorPORTABLE LCD DATE PROJECTOR Compact and weighing just 5.3 pounds, the EDP-S10 LCD data projector can fill a 6-inch screen from just 5 feet away or a 300-inch screen from 29 feet_"short throw" capability that can be valuable in scientific and business presentations. (The 3-fan coiling system is designed to run quietly with the same use in mind.) A 130W ultra high brightness lamp and optical system combo deliver 800 ANSI lumens brightness. The unit features automatic correction of trapezoidal image distortion for projection of 16:9 and 4:3 images from angles. Displays VGA, SVGA and 1K XGA images. A presenter version for projection of 3D and print material is also offered. ELMO MANUFACTURING. Indicate 202
Carl Zeiss - Digital Image Microscopy for Live CellsDIGITAL IMAGE MICROSCOPY FOR LIVE CELLS The pairing of the Axiovert 200 inverted research microscope and "Cell Observer" software is designed to provide high contrast and stability for fluorescence imaging of living cells at distances of up to 70mm. The emphasis is on the brightness needed for these apps: Light intensity is adjusted automatically according to magnification, and "Light Trap" tech enhances the S/N ratio. Long-working distance condensers provide a variety of contrasting techniques for varied apps. The software features time lapse, multichannel, Z-Stack and Mark-and-Find, plus analysis functions such as distance measurement, statistic calculation, etc. CARL ZEISS. Indicate 203
Samsung Electronics America - 24" HDTV LCD Computer/Video Monitor24" HDTV LCD COMPUTER/VIDEO MONITOR The SybncMaster 240T is the first 24" active matrix TFT LCD display to accept 1920x1200 high res imagery, as well as HDTV video, and it does so with a 170-degree viewing angle. Accepting both analog and digital input, the dual display can be used as both a computer display and a monitor hooked to DVD, VCR or HDTV tuners/set-top boxes. (An HDTV adaptor board is an option.) Multimedia display includes Picture-in-Picture that can be used to display input from multiple sources at once_grabbed image plus CAD graphics, or hi res text with video, for example. Features include one-button calibration, on-screen image and audio control menus, plug- and-play, and an optional USB hub. SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS AMERICA. Indicate 204
Rodenstock Precision Optics Inc. - Lenses & Adaptors for Wide=Format Line ScanLENSES & ADAPTORS FOR WIDE-FORMAT LNE SCAN Designed for use with large aperture line scan cameras from DALSA, PerkinElmer, and others, and for imaging apps requiring a single focus adjustment and then remaining fixed, new focus units from Rodenstock combine Leica adaptors with M 39 x 1/26-inch thread for the lens and a 3.9-inch x 24 thread for attaching the system to the camera. (Variations in these sizes are available.) Turning the focusing tube in the camera enables axial travel of about 32.7mm_and the adapter can be rotated within the tube and fixed with screws, which allows lens diaphragm window positioning for easy f-stop reading. Varied tubes provide different image distance ranges. RODENSTOCK PRECISION OPTICS INC. Indicate 205
Matrox Imaging - SCI/Industrial Image Analysis with OCRSCI/INDUSTRIAL IMAGE ANALYSIS WITH OCR Designed to address the needs of both developers and end-users, the Windows 2000/98/NT-based Inspector 3.1 interactive imaging software for industrial and scientific apps, built on the Matrox Imaging Library development tool kit, provides point-and-click access for image processing, blob analysis, pattern matching, measurement, and gauging. New additions to the arsenal are toos for OCR, bar and matrix code recognition, plus watershed-based image segmentation. (Matrox Orion, Meteor11/1394 and image compression via METEOR II MJPEG are supported.) MATROX IMAGING. Indicate 206
Internet Camera & ScannerINTERNET CAMERA AND SCANNER Combining the 100,000 pixel CMOS MN100 digital camera with the 42-bit color depth 2400x1200 dpi optical res ScanMaker 4600 scanner (for little more than the price o the scanner) adds up to a working imaging solution for home and pro Internet applications; the manufacture now adds free online storage of the imagery for both PC and Mac users in Web-based photo albums. The scanner operates via three buttons_scan, copy, and e- mail! USB connected and hot-swappable, the scanner also has an optional transparency adaptor for slides. The camera can be used for 30-frames- per-second video as well; software is bundled for video mail apps. A swivel tripod is included. MICROTEK. Indicate 208
Cognex - Machine Vision for Line and Matrix Bar CodeMACHINE VISION FOR LINE AND MATRIX BAR CODE The just-introduced In-Sight ID Reader combines a vision camera and processing technology in a self-contained unit. Designed to read up to 50 codes per second, including degraded, distorted or poorly formed ones, and codes on fast-moving parts, the system can be used in a variety of industrial OCR apps_from marked piston tracking to pharmaceutical label checking. The Reader can share part ID data with other networked devices throughout a manufacturing facility in real-time, via Ethernet. In operation, verification metrics are provided to monitor how well marking equipment has been functioning. A variety of widely-use codes are supported; basic apps can be set up with pre-configured templates. COGNEX. Indicate 207
Ken-A-Vision - Wireless Video Microscope/Telescope CameraWIRELESS VIDEO MICROSCOPE/TELESCOPE CAMERA The just-introduced microscopy-oriented versions of the Video Flex goose-necked video microscopy camera adds fluorescent control that eliminates pulsing, contrast control, 500 lines resolution_and direct transmission to the receiver for use with any monitor (PC or Mac) via 900 MHz Wireless_up to 50 feet away. No adaptor card is needed; the unit sends USB and composite video signals to a computer and TV monitor simultaneously. The 2100 Explorer model seen here includes 40 inches of coiled neck for use in microscopy and telescope apps. The 7200 version adds a microscope kit for small specimen viewing. KEN-A-VISION. Indicate 209
Data Translation - OEM/User Machine Vision EnvronmentOEM/USER MACHINE VISION ENVIRONMENT The latest version of DT Vision Foundary, release 2.5, offers an integrated vision solution for inspection and other automated industrial imaging apps for the PC_and for OEMs, integrators and end-users alike. Enhanced functions include measurement, calibration, advanced search, and bar code reading. The expanded version adds algorithm tech for dynamic inspection without demanding strict environmental control over lighting, rotation, part positioning, etc., for shorter programming time while eliminating the need for special tooling. Multi-tier architecture, as in earlier releases, is designed to allow use for rapid program development, custom app development, and custom tool development as needed. More DT frame grabbers are supported. DATA TRANSLATION. Indicate 210
Analog Devices - HI Res HI-Speed A/D Conversion HI RES HI-SPEED A/D CONVERSION The bar for 1-bit analog-to-digital converters is raised with introduction of the new AD9410, which passes the 100 million-samples-per-second level; on chip reference and track-and-hold circuitry have been included for use in the likes of multi-point, multichannel communications systems_but your application may vary! The converter can actually sample 200 million samples per section for 8-bit IF. Available in an 80- pin surface mount package. Operates at a minus-40 to plus-85 Celsius temperature range. ANALOG DEVICES. Indicate 211
EOS Systems - Photo-Derived 3D Model SoftwarePHOT0-DERIVED 3D MODEL SOFTWARE Release 4.0 of PhotoModeler Pro adds a variety of features to the package used to extract 3D design and animation graphics from digital photos for architecture, accident reconstruction, engineering, archeology, surveying, and even webpage design or cartooning. The 32-bit program that runs under Windows 95/98/2K and NT, adds NURBS curve modeling, configurable tables, camera field calibration, automated surface model tools, and improved capabilities for one-time photo projects. EOS SYSTEMS. Indicate 212
Xerox Network Printers - Xingle-Pas 1200 dpi Led Color PrinterSINGLE-PASS 1200 dpi LED COLOR PRINTER Combining technology developed back at Tektronix with that of new line home Xerox, the just-launched Phaser 1235 color printer uses fast, single-pass LED technology to surpass speeds of laser printers three times over_12 pages per minute at 1200 dpi color, 20 ppm B/W. The printer also benefits in reliability from the fewer parts LED-based imaging requires. Powered by its on 366 MHz Intel Pentium processor, and ready for 10/100 Base T-Ethernet. Memory is expandable to as much as 512 MB, and there's a built-in hard drive. Three models range from desktop to stand-alone by production level needs. Drivers for PC, Mac, and UNIX and a variety of networks are included. Prints on a variety of media, including 16-54 pound bond. XEROX NETWORK PRINTERS. Indicate 213
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