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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Symagery Releases Upgraded Image Reading System



Symagery Releases Upgraded Image Reading System

Latest product geared towards OEMS

By Hank Russell

Symagery, a global provider of advanced image reader systems for the automatic identification and data capture industry, has released version 8.0 of its software development suite. According to the Ottawa, ON-based company, version 8.0 is for use in conjunction with its image reading systems by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in the automatic ID and data capture industry (AIDC).

Working Together

According to Symagery, the AIDC market in 2004 is poised to reach $5.4 billion, with 39% going to portable data collection terminals (PDCTs), 32% going to barcode printers, 15% to handheld scanners and 14% to stationary scanners. ?The interesting thing in the AIDC industry is that the major North American companies use OEMs from Taiwan , Korea and Japan ,? says Ron Caines, president of Symagery.

?We are the only independent company working with global OEMs,? Caines adds. ?Other companies compete with other OEMs; what differentiates us is that we get OEMs out from under the technical monopoly and what tends to go on in the marketplace.?

Version 8.0 of Symagery's software development suite allows OEMs to develop and customize information capture products using Symagery's image-based systems. These systems include high-performance image engines and processor boards designed for integration into handheld or fixed-mount scanners, portable data collection terminals, mobile computers and kiosks.

The software suite offers OEMs the tools necessary to create and customize their end-user products to meet very specific application requirements. ?We work with our OEM partners, and our technicians work side-by-side with their technicians,? Caines says. ?OEMs can differentiate themselves and the software allows the to do that. We don't focus on the applications as much as we focus on the OEMs.?

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