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Storage Products


PRODUCT FEATURE From Top to Bottom: Nexsan Technologies' InfiniSan ATAboy2 storage array; the QuBit ST digital motion image recorder from QuVIS, Inc.; and FLash Trax, a handheld device from Smartdick Corp.

February 2004

Storage Products

by Rich Handley

As file sizes increase, storing them becomes increasingly difficult. According to Ajay Anand, Director of Marketing for Storage Solutions at Silicon Graphics, Inc. ( Mountain View , CA ), the amount of data being created is growing explosively. A wide range of options is needed, then, when choosing the best storage medium.

?Consolidation continues via networked storage with SANs (storage area networks),? Anand told AI, citing market demand for delivery on ?the promise of networked storage?i.e., not only lower TCO (total cost of ownership) of centralized capacity, provisioning and management, but also the increased productivity of emerging intelligent approaches to minimizing or removing the productivity bottlenecks of data access and sharing mechanisms.?

The implementation of shared file systems with SANs has decreased TCO , Anand said, providing ?a performance-based ROI (return on investment) in shortened workflow/time-to-market that was not previously obtainable.? SAN (shared or clustered) file systems allow people to see all data as though it was local, eliminating data copies previously used for sharing under some traditional mechanisms which saves disk and administration expense.

Media, Anand explained, is inherently a collaborative process in which one either repeatedly moves data to the next user or shares that data. ?The first approach is very wasteful of time,? he said, ?since on average, half your time is spent moving data. Additionally, projects get moved through a facility in a serial fashion.? Sharing data removes the time spent moving it, enabling workflows with multiple users and processes working in parallel, and reducing the time-to-market.

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