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Storage Products


Product Update

Storage Products

by Rich Handley

April 2003

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As file size increases, so does the challenge of providing adequate storage capacity-not to mention transferring such sizable amounts of data electronically. According to Mark Walker, Vice-President of Sales and Marketing at Conduant Corporation, there is light at the end of this proverbial tunnel.

"The most significant new development in storage," Walker told AI, "is most certainly the Serial ATA (SATA) standard. Not only does the use of a serial path allow for ultimately blazingly fast data transfer rates, but, on a practical level, the use of skinnier serial cables will allow for better system cooling. Most people, including us, believe the transition will be quick." Indeed, said Walker, many motherboard manufacturers are already integrating SATA controllers into their latest boards. His prediction: "Demand for both parallel ATA and even SCSI drives is sure to plummet."

Today's manufacturers know that customers want to be able to store a lot of information-and fast. With that in mind, we present the following storage-related offerings, which should give you a good idea of what's in store for the coming year.

ASACA/Shibasoku Corporation (Golden, CO) offers the TeraCart RA Series for the TV/video and radio/audio industries. This modular video archive system provides up to 30,000 hours of video storage, integrated MPEG-2 and MPEG-1, centralized storage with online/near-line/off-line management and distributed scalable, broadcast quality and playback/recording. Conduant Corp.'s Big River TK200 sub-system

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