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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Storage Needs Amplify as File Sizes Increase

A Quick Look at Storage
Acuo Technologies
Medical image storage and retrieval software from Acuo Technologies.
Board-level Recon DVR
Fast Forward Video
Board-level Recon DVR™ from Fast Forward Video.
Globalstor offers Windows/Linux/Mac environments up to 18TB's of low-cost 64 bit storage.
IQbase 2.0
Media Cybernetics
IQbase™ 2.0 helps organizations manage and explore large volumes of images.
Ruggedized Hard Drive
Olixir Technologies
Ruggedized hard drive for secure storage and transportation of critical data from Olixir Technologies.
PCI Express-Based SATA/SAS RAID Array
One Stop Systems
One Stop Systems introduces the first PCI Express-Based SATA/SAS RAID Array.
LQ-MD800 Medical Grade DVD Video Recorder
Panasonic LQ-MD800 Medical Grade DVD Video Recorder.
Syngo Suite
Siemens Syngo Suite Provides Fully Integrated Workflow Environment.
All-In-One Backup
New all-in-one backup, archive and disaster recovery appliances approved as built on IBM Express offerings from STORServer.
200GB Dual-Platter MK2035GSS
Toshiba extends PMR to 2.5-inch HDD family with 200 GB market leading capacity.

By Stacey Meacham

“Explosive growth — both in terms of volume and data-size — of medical images has created an immediate and long-term challenge for the healthcare industry,” explains Gary Haycox, CEO of Acuo Technologies. “File sizes are growing, work flows are increasing and medical staff need immediate, secure access to information on multiple platforms. Today’s medical enterprise doesn’t want to compromise.”

This growth in storage demand in not exclusive to medical imaging. Digital is rapidly replacing film in many areas and the images themselves are ecoming larger in size and more numerous in quantity.

Acuo Technologies® (St. Paul, Minn.), an image management software company, offers software solutions that manage medical image storage and retrieval and integrates them with existing technology platforms.

Using AcuoMed’s and AcuoStore, medical images can be stored on a cost effective system while providing information lifecycle management for the retention and reliable delivery of the data. These assets can be removed from the storage grid based on user-defined policies when they are no longer clinically or legally needed.

Acuo developed the AcuoMed Image Manager as a secure, open-system software solution for transporting, storing, tracking and retrieving digital images across an entire storage system network. In addition, the AcuoStore Digital Asset Manager serves as a digital vault, communicating the instructions of AcuoMed with the diverse DICOM storage devices in which digital DICOM image and patient information is contained. Acuo’s DICOM Assisted Migration software, A.D.A.M., also automates the process of data migration from aging DICOM archives to more efficient and cost-effective storage devices.

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