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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Spectrum Illumination


Creators of Monster Light Technology

Company Overview

Spectrum Illumination is the pioneer of high output LEDs in the machine vision industry. The company designs, manufactures and markets an award-winning line of products that apply the benefits of high-output LEDs for use in vision applications. Spectrum Illumination leads the industry in high-output solid-state lighting innovation, including the custom engineered LDM driver.

Featured Products

Spectrum Illumination's featured line of LED illumination, called Monster Lights®, use today's new high flux, HB (high Brightness) LEDs. Large 5.5" spotlights with narrow beam lenses solve long-distance applications in the robotic industry where standard LED lights cannot be used. Long linear lights up to 80" feature special optics used for different illuminated working areas. Four different sizes of dome lights are available, including the largest dome in the vision industry with over a 29" illumination area. FDA-compliant lights housed in stainless steel solve applications in wash down and harsh environments. Ultra high-output lights with narrow beam optics for linescan cameras on web applications. Lights are available in UV, IR and all colors, including white.

All lights have the option to be in a constant-on state or strobed using a constant power connection and a low-current input for activation. Lights use standard industrial cables with quick disconnects and require 24VDC for operation. Monster Lights provide an industry-leading package that includes the high output light, DIN rail mount driver and cable.

Patent Pending LDM Driver

The LDM constant current regulator based LED controller provides control for LED lights requiring stabilized light output in demanding inspection applications. This patent pending controller utilizes a feedback loop to maintain current within +/-.01%. Standard features include DIN Rail mount, 0 to 20A light source output, high speed NPN & PNP strobe control, 0-10VDC analog control, constant output and industrial standard 24VDC input. The LDM driver is designed to run the latest high flux, HB (High Brightness) LEDs. The LDM Controller provides features unmatched in the vision industry.

Spectrum Illumination
5114 Industrial Park Rd.
Montague, MI 49437
Phone: 231-894-4590
Fax: 231-894-4582

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