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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Spectrum Illumination: Leading the LED Market

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Spectrum Illumination
Spectrum Illumination
5114 Industrial Park Rd.
Montague, MI 49437
Phone: (231) 894-4590
Fax: (231) 894-4582
Year Founded: 1999

Spectrum Illumination

Spectrum Illumination is the leading supplier of high-output LED lighting (Monster Lights) for the machine vision market. Spectrum Illumination was the first company to bring high-output LEDs to the market and we are still the only company with a full product line utilizing that technology. Spectrum Illumination has over 100,000 standard products with all different variations. Most standard products are available to ship within days of receiving a purchase order. For those customers wanting to try our products they are available for 30-day trial with no restocking fee.

Spectrum Illuminationís standard products include spot lights, ring lights, linear lights, dome lights, back lights (some sizes available in Monster Series), dark field lights, FDA/IP68 wash down lights and our new Monster Series diffused axial lights. Our products can be purchased with white LEDs or colors ranging from 365nm ultraviolet to 940nm infrared. Our entire product line comes standard with built-in strobe control or our patent pending LDM driver and four-meter cable. Our patent-pending LDM driver is a DIN rail mount driver designed to run high-output Monster LEDs. The LDM driver is designed for high-speed applications requiring a fast response time and also is available in both analog and variable configurations.

Spectrum Illumination also has the first programmable Ethernet light controller on the market. The Monster Brain is a four-channel controller that communicates with our LDM drivers through a BUS connector. The customer is able to program up to 64 product IDs and can configure the unit to change strobe timing or intensity of the lights using four separate channels with the possibility of multiple LDM drivers on each channel. The customer also can use the two supplied camera trigger outputs so that the light always is on before capturing an image. The Monster Brain also has an embedded web server so no software is needed. In May of 2007 Spectrum Illumination released the new "M" Series Monster lights with White LEDs that produced 2X-4X the previous version. In the 3rd quarter of 2008 Spectrum Illumination will start releasing the "M" Series Monster lights in 365nm, 470nm, 530nm and 630nm versions. This new version will far exceed anything already on the market. Our customers expect nothing less.

Our LED circuit boards, drivers and enclosures are designed by our internal engineering staff. You may not understand the advantages at first glance but they become apparent when you put our product up against the competition. Because we design our own circuit boards, we are able to stipulate the LED emitters we use. Unlike most of our competitors (who buy off-the-shelf single boards) we can choose the color, intensity and forward voltage bins. This insures that we give our customers the best and brightest product for their money.

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