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Specialized Lighting Systems and Tools for Imaging


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Specialized Lighting Systems and Tools for Imaging

August 2001

As any photographer knows, quality lighting is a crucial element when it comes to acquiring quality images. Without proper lighting, image acquisition is an exercise doomed to disappoint. Unfortunately, quality lighting solutions don't always come cheaply-it's actually possible to spend more money on some lamps than you will on the cameras themselves. However, with enough patience and research, it is possible to lighten your images without having to lighten your wallet at the same time. With that in mind, we offer the following lighting solutions for your consideration...

Cooke Corporation - Palflash 501From the Cooke Corporation (Auburn Hills, MI) comes the Palflash 501, a high-intensity illuminance pulsed-flash light source able to produce up to four pulses of sub-microsecond duration, precisely timed one after the other. This results in 1 to 4 sequential images, captured and frozen in time, and enables observers to view clearly the image on each individual exposure. The collimated light output of the Palflash 501 is well-suited for digital imaging or film exposure in remote areas where one is restricted from a light source. Four different Palflash models produce 1, 2, 3, or 4 pulses per flash, each timed closely together and each controlled with a PALSEQ 400 external pulse sequencer, sold separately. The delay between individual pulses can be as short as 1 µsec (externally adjustable), with each pulse duration as short as 250 nsec or as long as 750 nsec, depending on discharge energies. Applications include dynamic Schlieren imaging, shadowgraph image analysis, flash and fluorescent spectroscopy, and flash photolysis.

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Edmund Industrial Optics - Darkfield microscope illumination baseNew Jersey's Edmund Industrial Optics offers a new brightfield/darkfield microscope illumination base, which features a large, stable work area, built-in wrist rests, a large range of mirror adjustment, and an available 360-degree darkfield illumination upgrade, as well as an adjustable condensing lens to optimize illumination for high or low magnification work and a built-in heat filter to provide cool light. The base is an economical and versatile choice for general brightfield use and the inspection of relatively transparent components. Illumination is provided by a fiber optic illuminator and a 3/8" diameter fiber optic bundle. A 25mm diameter light guide adapter is also included for connecting the fiber bundle to illuminators with standard one-inch nose-pieces. Additionally, it comes standard with a 32mm diameter-mounting column designed for use with Carl Zeiss microscopes.

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Global Lighting Technologies, Inc. - LaptopLaptop and desktop monitors, as well as other large format CCFL-backlit LCDs from 10.4 to 21 inches diagonally, can now realize the benefits of MicroLens technology thanks to a new backlighting assembly from Global Lighting Technologies, Inc. of Brecksville, OH. GLT's new large-format cold cathode fluorescent lamp backlight assembly utilizes a MicroLens panel molded with light extraction features to maximize lighting efficiency and lower cost. This is useful in applications where higher brightness, lower power, and lower cost are important. MicroLens technology increases optical efficiency by utilizing up to 30,000 MicroLenses per square inch, molded into the backlight. Thus, greater brightness is achieved with comparatively lower power consumption.

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The latest product in Rochester, NY-based Navitar's video-conference lighting line is the New Hi-Lite S. Designed in response to the demand for a more affordable alternative to the popular Hi-Lite XL, the less expensive Hi-Lite S model is a sleek, low-profile, track-mountable unit. The Hi-Lite S maintains directional light at the correct color temperature to bring your entire video-conferencing system up to a high performance level. The result is a sharp, crisp picture with improved contrast and definition. Powered by an electronic ballast, the Hi-Lite S features two compact fluorescent T5 lamps, diffused by Navitar's opal Plexiglas diffuser. Easily adjustable, this unit can be rotated and tilted up to 180 degrees for directing the light towards the subject. It's ideal for installations where aesthetics and/or price are of primary concern. Each track-mountable fixture is shipped with everything needed for installation, including a 15-foot power cord, instructions, a safety cable kit, and a 2-foot piece of track allowing for mounting on a suspended ceiling.

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