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Updated: January 12th, 2011 10:01 AM CDT

Special Report: Setting a Standard

Japanese association take the lead
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By Barry Hochfelder

There is just one well-established imaging association in Asia—the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA). The JIIA was formerly established in 2006 in Tokyo as a standardization group such as the Automated Imaging Association (AIA) in the United States and the German-based European Machine Vision Association (EMVA).

The association came about because a number of leaders in the Japanese imaging market wondered why that, despite the country's position in the industry, a standardization group such as AIA and EMVA did not exist in Japan. In 2005 a group of camera OEMs, board makers and system integrators met and decided to organize a standardization group. A membership drive led to formal establishment in 2006.

(Another organization—the China Society of Image and Graphics (CSIG)—has been around since 1990, but is more of an academic and research organization. According to its web site, "It is the basis for China to engage in image graphics theory and applied research, software and hardware technology development and application of the experts and scholars to promote scientific and technological workers and related components. Domestic well-known colleges..., research institutes, as well as IT enterprises, are an important member of the Institute units.")

While the JIIA, which now has 72 member organizations, was designed to promote standardization, it has other goals, including dissemination of foreign standards in Japan, networking with foreign organizations and compiling statistics via machine vision market studies.

The Committees

The primary Standardization Committee is chaired by Hideki Nakazawa of JAI Corp. That committee then established Standardization Working Groups (and sub-working groups) headed by a number of industry leaders. Each Working Group is composed of specialists with expertise in that area. Often, of course, there is overlap. For example, the Lighting, Lens and Camera Spec Standard Working Groups may share some of the same issues. Coordination is conducted by the Standardization Committee. JIIA's standardization committee is being aligned with the AIA, the EMVA, and other standard-setting organizations within and outside of the country.

There currently are four Working Groups—Digital Interface; Camera Spec Standard; Lighting; and Lens—under the Standardization Committee. The Digital Interface group also has four Sub-working Groups (Camera Link, GigE, Next Generation Interface and Next Generation Camera Protocol). Here's a brief look at each:

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