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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Sony Visual Imaging Products


Company Description

Sony Visual Imaging Products, a division of Sony Electronics Inc., is a world renowned leader in camera technology. Sony manufactures high-quality, industrial CCD video cameras, including analog black-and-white, Camera Link® compatible, IEEE 1394 and 1394.b digital, smart, high-speed progressive scan, 1-CCD and 3-CCD color, network, block and videoconferencing cameras. From machine vision and factory automation to inspection and process control, Sony cameras offer value, choice and flexibility.

Featured Products

Sony's First Smart Camera

The new XCI-SX1 camera is designed to provide OEMs, systems integrators and vision tool manufacturers a rugged, robust component, combining the imager, intelligence and interface in a single plug-in modular that is simple to set up and easy to integrate for efficient factory workflow. Unlike conventional machine vision cameras, images captured by the XCI-SX1 are processed within the camera and the processed data is directly transmitted to a PC over a network.

NEW! 1394.b Digital Cameras

Sony's new XCD-V50 monochrome and XCD-V50CR color IEEE 1394.b VGA cameras incorporate a 1/3" progressive scan CCD with square pixels. These ultra-compact digital cameras feature fast frame rates and 8 or 14-bit output. In addition, their 1394.b interface supports cables up to 100 meters, plus can daisy-chain multiple cameras on a single run to increase cable run capability. And best of all, they are backward compatible with conventional 1394 via IIDC 1.31 support. These cameras enhance Sony's comprehensive lineup of digital cameras by offering choice of CCD size, monochrome or color and resolution from VGA to SXGA.

The Strongest Link — Sony's New Series of Camera Link® Compatible Cameras!

Designed to capitalize on all the benefits of digital technology and to minimize the connectivity challenges, Sony's new XCL series of digital cameras offer a choice of resolutions (ranging from XGA to UXGA) and CCD type to systems integrators. Sony's XCL camera series conform to the Camera Link industry-standard digital video interface and consists of four C-mount cameras ideally suited for machine vision and biotechnology applications.

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