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Software Tools



May 2004

Software Tools

By Hank Russell

Alias Studio Tools 11.

Matrix Vision GmbH’s mvIMPACT.

One of the things about software tools is that there is no specific application in which demand is greatest. ?Each discipline can go as far as they want to go,? states Dean Sequera, vice president of marketing and product development at Media Cybernetics (Silver Spring , MD ). ?They can have as much capability as they need to tailor to their specific tasks. That's why we provide somewhat of an open system so they can program it and tailor it to their specific needs. It's hard to anticipate all applications for it, especially imaging; it's very universal.?

Sequera cites two products that are mentioned in this feature ? AFA 5.0 and Color-Pro. ?AFA is a means of collecting image data over many variables within the time z stack position ? that is, on an x-y stage ? and on top of that, positions within positions. Color-Pro would be able to have consistent color fidelity from input to output via identified profiles that would be provided for the camera, the printer and the monitor.?

As Sequera mentioned before, software tools can be used for many different applications. Just recently, the Toronto-based Intel Corp. is having researchers at its Hudson, MA-based plant working on software tools that will enable a new family of microprocessors to power Windows or Linux operating systems; these microprocessors will allow users to have full-motion videoconferencing on cell phones and high-resolution movies and games on PDAs.

?We're seeing that it's an incredibly complex environment,? he says. ?It's critical that the tools be open and able to interface to that existing environment, that is the other tools.?

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