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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Software Supports National Security Measures


By Advanced Imaging Editorial Staff

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS, Washington, DC) is using sophisticated software as part of its US-VISIT program, a program that is part of a continuum of security measures that begins overseas and continues through a visitor’s arrival in and departure from the United States.

The initiative is a top priority for DHS because it enhances security while facilitating legitimate travel and trade across U.S. borders.

By capturing visitors’ biometrics such as digital, inkless finger scans and digital photographs at key points of entry to the U.S., with US-VISIT, DHS is able to quickly and easily determine whether the person applying for entry is the same person who was issued the visa by the Department of State. Additionally, the biometric and biographic data are checked against watch lists, improving DHS’ ability to make admissibility decisions as well as the Department of State’s ability to make visa determinations. By utilizing AccuSoft ImageGear from AccuSoft Corp. (Northborough, MA), the biometric images downloaded into the US-VISIT software application are automatically condensed and saved to a common file format and size. The images are then programmatically passed to a DHS back-end database system — IDENT — for analysis, all in a matter of seconds. US-VISIT entry procedures are currently in place at 115 airports and 14 seaports. Last year, the program was expanded to the 50 busiest land ports of entry, with further expansion planned throughout this year.

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