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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Software Development Kits Address Challenges

By providing application-oriented frameworks
ActiveDcam, ActiveGigE and ActiveBF
A&B Software offers ActiveDcam, ActiveGigE and ActiveBF
AccuSoft Announces New Version of ImageGear for .NET Shipping
Braintech Releases New Vision Software for Service Robots
Braintech Releases New Vision Software for Service Robots
Cameras and Imaging Modules by JENOPTIK released

By Stacey Meacham

The growth area in the SDK space for many data-intensive applications will be around a movement from single-core processors to multicore processors. "Traditionally, people have thought of processor performance in terms of clock speeds and number of operations per second, but the dominant issue in today's multicore processors is data movement, said Lynne Currier, Product Group Director, Mercury Computer Systems.

"We now see many tens of GFLOPS of performance per core, with numerous cores per chip. Meanwhile, the latency to move a single-data item from one core to another, or to memory, can easily exceed hundreds of clock cycles. Increasingly, the problem for programmers is how to program the movement and placement of data so these high-performance cores are not starved. SDKs can address this challenge by providing application-oriented frameworks which optimize data movement along with corresponding debugging and performance monitoring tools," said Currier.

A&B Software (New London, CT) offers ActiveDcam, ActiveGigE and ActiveBF - a series of universal SDKs for 1394, GigE Vision and Camera Link digital cameras. The SDKs provide developers with an immediate access to multiple cameras through a simple drop of ActiveX objects on an application surface. The ActiveX-interface guarantees an easy integration into virtually any programming environment including C++, C#, VB6, VB.NET, Delphi, Java, Matlab. It literally takes minutes to develop a simple camera application while having very basic programming skills. The SDKs offer comprehensive property dialogs with a full control over the camera attributes. Among other features are: Bayer and CYGM color interpolation, de-interlacing, AVI and image recording, instance access to image buffers and pixels, real-time image processing, color overlays of graphics and text, image flipping and rotation, histogram and statistical calculations, built-in background correction. Provided with the SDKs are multiple code samples in different programming languages. The SDKs are highly optimized for speed and fine-tuned to a number of popular camera models.

AccuSoft Corporation (Northborough, Mass.) announces its best-selling ImageGear® for .NET product is now shipping. The enhanced version of the toolkit provides programmers with a comprehensive solution to accelerate development of .NET Framework 3.0 solutions and Vista applications using fully managed code. In addition to providing support for .NET Framework 3.0, the new release also features support for Direct 3D 10, Microsoft's latest graphics platform, as well as comprehensive image, file, and digital camera raw format support. With this new release, AccuSoft provides support for embedded ICC color profiles and enhanced ImageCleanTM functionality to automatically detect/correct images. New methods for image processing, e.g. red eye removal, mosaic, solarize, and more, have also been added to the product's API. These new enhancements combine with standard features including extensive support for CAD/Vector, Adobe PDF/PS, JPEG 2000, DICOM and numerous other file formats. Digital camera raw format support is provided for over 100 of the most widely used digital cameras from manufacturers including Cannon, Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony. Developers can also easily add annotation, recognition, scanning, and printing capabilities to applications with ImageGear for .NET. And, the product also provides .NET Compact Framework support, allowing developers to build solutions for PDAs and other mobile devices.

ADCIS SA and Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., announce the release of a full range of components built on the Microsoft® .NETTM Framework for Version 4.0 of their AphelionTM Imaging Software System. The power of Aphelion libraries, previously available only as DLLs or ActiveX® components, is now available as Microsoft .NET Framework-based components. This Aphelion's family of components is organized as intuitive namespaces and includes: Component Classes: Image, Objectset, etc.; Toolkit Classes: Filtering, Edge Detection, Segmentation, Morphology, etc.; Visual Control Classes: ImageView, ChartView, ObjectSetView, GridView. Using these components, development of imaging applications can now be performed quickly and efficiently in Visual C++®, Visual Basic®, or Visual C#® programs. Later this year, an introductory stand-alone software product, based upon the imaging components, will be released with the following capabilities: Acquisition with a firewire camera; Image enhancement and segmentation; Interactive and automatic measurements; Basic image database; Report editing and Powerful image display capabilities. The Microsoft .NET Framework-based components are based on native components that fully support 64 bit architectures for the Windows Vista® environment, enabling very fast execution. The native components can also be used in the Linux® environment. ADCIS SA and Amerinex Applied Imaging, Inc., provide off-the-shelf software tools and solutions for image processing, analysis, and application development, as well as custom engineering for image-based applications.,

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