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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Small, Effective

A look at Smaller Displays That Do a Big Job
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By Keith Reid

According to DisplaySearch, part of NPD Group, the LCD Monitor Market has grown to an all-time high of $36B with more on the way. This is linked to the growing consumer market for PC/CE products; a new replacement cycle for PC/IT products emerging with Windows Vista; and growth in emerging markets for IT related technologies. The real question now centers on square LCD Vs. wide-aspect ratio LCD.

In this display-focused core technology feature we take a look at displays on the smaller end of the spectrum, useful for mobile devices and a variety of specialized applications in such areas as military and homeland defense.

Avionics visualization specialist Barco (Belgium) has brought out a new line of Mission Display Units that combines the technology of high-performance cockpit displays with the cost-efficiency of cabin-grade airborne mission display solutions. Fully compatible with night and daylight video cameras, moving maps, computers and radar inputs, the new display line, named MDU-2000, offers an innovative mission solution for an array of military and paramilitary helicopters and aircraft. The new MDU-2000 family includes a 5 x 4 inch landscape MDU-254 and a 6 x 8 inch MDU-268 that can be used in landscape as well as portrait orientation.

Barco's MDU-2000 displays are equipped with leading edge active matrix liquid crystal displays (AMLCD) and advanced LED backlight technology, presenting cockpit crews with sunlight-readable images, rich in contrast and with a large palette of grayscales. Moreover, the use of advanced electronics gives a MDU very compact dimensions, low weight and low power consumption.

The MDU-2000 family accepts a digital video input (DVI) as well as most of the currently available analog video inputs.

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