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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Slim Design Plus High Intensity - Vicolux FAL/FDL Lighting Series

Allowing More Freedom for the Design Engineer in the Arrangement of the Machine

As a tool for machine control, Machine Vision needs lighting, which is compact, has robust attachment points and possesses built-in electronics. Vision Control’s new slim lighting, with a 4, 6 or 8 inch diagonal, fulfils these requirements and can be used for incident or transmitted lighting. Depending upon space requirements, the slim control unit can be attached to the lighting housing or mounted on a top hat rail. The electronics have a wide range of input voltages, a brightness control input and a trigger input, allowing the use of different operating modes.

Slim lighting units for incident and transmitted lighting are available from the FAL/FDL04, FAL/FDL06 and FAL/FDL08 series in different sizes, control variations and wavelengths. The size of the radiant area can be 60x90, 90x120 or 120x180 mm or have a diagonal of 4, 6 or 8 inches.

The control unit is thin enough to fit into the lighting housing. For top hat rail assembly, there are models with a separate control unit, allowing more freedom for the design engineer in the arrangement of the machine.

The electronics in the control unit are equipped with optically decoupled inputs. This means that the connections are proof against incorrect connection, protected from overvoltages and that galvanic separation is ensured. This also applies to the control inputs for continuously adjustable brightness control, with voltages from 0 to 10V DC. The continuous operation and pulsed (down to short light pulses of 10 µs) operation modes, released by PLC triggers, can be implemented by each individual lighting unit. The wide range of input voltages, from 10 to 30V DC, is standard for all Vicolux lighting and eliminates voltage fluctuations in industrial networks without need of expensive extra power supplies.

Optimum adjustment to the Machine Vision task is achieved via the wide choice of lighting wavelengths available. From UV (395nm), via the highest performance light of all: amber (with double the brightness of red lighting), down to infrared (950nm), the entire spectral range of Machine Vision lighting is available.

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