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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Sensoray Introduces the 2652 Solid State Relay I/O Module

Monitors and Controls Up to Eight Solid State Relays

Sensoray introduces the newest addition to their 2600 series of smart I/O modules, the 2652. The 2652 monitors and controls up to eight solid state relays (SSRs) via a single category-5 patch cable connected to a 2601 communication module. Each of the SSR sockets may be populated with either an AC in, AC out, DC in, or DC out SSR. To help minimize errors from electromechanical switch bounce, the 2652 applies a software debounce filter to each input SSR. While configured as an output, the SSR may be controlled explicitly by the client, or it may operate as a PWM output with a rate and duty cycle specified by the client. Five independent interlock circuits allow external circuitry, such as an emergency stop switch, to unconditionally de-energize an output SSR.

SENSORAY Portland, Oreg.

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