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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Semrock Introduces BrightLine Basic Fluorescence Filters

The new filters ensure accurate measurements and lower cost of ownership
BrightLine BasicTM
BrightLine BasicTM

Semrock (Rochester, N.Y.) announces an important extension of its BrightLineŽ fluorescence filter sets for microscopy. Dubbed BrightLine BasicTM, these new value-priced hard-coated filter sets combine the proven "no burn-out" durability of its flagship high-performance BrightLine research filters with optical performance that exceeds that of even premium soft-coated fluorescence filters, at very attractive prices. The permanent performance of all BrightLine filters not only ensures repeatable and accurate measurements year after year, but also further lowers the total cost of ownership. BrightLine Basic fluorescence filter sets are in stock for a wide range of popular fluorophores, including major fluorescent proteins.

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