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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Scientific Visualization Application Package


Wolfram Research announces the release of MathGL3d for Mathematica. MathGL3d is an interactive, OpenGL-based 3D-graphics add-on or scientific and technical visualization. MathGL3dís interface makes it easy to capitalize on interactive features such as rotation, animation, and visual viewpoint and lightsource editing. MathGL3d exports to many common 3D file formats, including POV-Ray, VRML 2.0, QuickDraw 3D, DXF, and smooth shaded PostScript. It can also read and import DXF and Geomview OFF files, providing an interface between the powerful computational graphics of Mathematica and specialized visualization tools like Alias, POV-Ray, and other applications. Key features in MathGL3d Version 4.0 include: Hardware-accelerated volume rendering for all supported platforms, line illumination, bump mapping, optimized POV-Ray export and alias export. Wolfram Research, Inc., Champaign, IL. (

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