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by Rich Handley

October 2001

After performing a computer simulation or analysis, researchers must then interpret those results. As Advanced Imaging readers well know, the sheer volume of numbers involved can make studying the results in numerical form impractical. Thus, a more manageable method is to convert those numbers into digital images, giving scientists a visual tool to understand those results.

Images can then be shown in succession to evaluate the date over the passage of time, while volumetric rendering can be utilized to add a three-dimensional effect to the visual models. To aid in the production of digital images for the purpose of scientific image analysis and visualization, a wide range of graphics software is available, both online and off. For instance...

MaxIm DL Version 3, from Cyanogen Imaging ProductsCanadian software developer Cyanogen Imaging Products has created MaxIm DL Version 3, a program designed for use with modern integrating CCD cameras in scientific applications. Image processing and analysis tools, combined with an intuitive user interface, reportedly provides maximum productivity and an easy learning curve. The package includes integrated CCD camera control and is easily extensible and controllable via ActiveX scripting and plug-ins. Applications include laboratory imaging, microscopy and astronomy.

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Diagnostic Instruments' new Spot softwareDiagnostic Instruments, operating out of Sterling Heights, MI, has announced the impending release of their new Spot software, versions 3.3.1 for the Mac and 3.4 for the PC. These new versions will support the operating systems Windows XP and Mac OS X, and offer some additional functionality. In conjunction with the already-present measurement, annotation, report generation and database features, there is now a faster sequential image capture process and the ability to play back a series of images captured over time. Present Spot camera owners can download the new versions from Diagnostic Instruments' website,

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