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The STEMMER IMAGING Group was founded on July 1, 2004 by the largest German supplier of image processing components, the Puchheim-based STEMMER IMAGING GmbH. It incorporates STEMMER IMAGING GmbH (Germany), STEMMER IMAGING Schweiz AG (Switzerland), Firstsight Vision (UK) and IMASYS (France). The STEMMER IMAGING Group is the largest European provider of industrial image processing components.

This technology is increasingly finding its way into almost all industrial sectors because it is a powerful and economic way of implementing automatic optical quality assurance. Even at high production speeds and with stringent accuracy requirements, image processing permits 100 percent monitoring in production environments.

The STEMMER IMAGING Group offers the highest levels of delivery reliability, optimum support and a powerful product range at the cutting edge of technology. We are your reliable image processing partner with the most comprehensive range of products and support services in Europe.

The Group's suppliers are leading international manufacturers of image processing components, such as: JAI, JAI PULNiX, Atmel, Photonfocus, Allied Vision Technologies, Sony, Toshiba (industrial cameras), DALSA Coreco, Cyberoptics, Foresight Imaging, Silicon Software (frame grabbers), CCS, Volpi (illumination), Pentax, Sill Optics, Linos, Schneider-Kreuznach, Tamron (lenses) and DVT (smart cameras).

The STEMMER IMAGING Group specializes in supplying quality vision components, so to assist with the implementation of machine vision systems, we have partnerships with a number of experienced systems integrators, who specialize in this field.

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