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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

Rockwell Collins/Kaiser Electro Optics


Rockwell Collins is a world leader in advanced display technology and diversified supplier of high-quality electro-optical and display systems. Rockwell Collins Kaiser Electro Optics designs and manufactures a wide range of customized precision optical systems for technically demanding aerospace, medical and defense customers.

The optics group at Rockwell Collins Kaiser Electro Optics creates precision optical systems for military and space applications including Head Up Displays (HUDs), Head Mounted Displays (HMDs), reconnaissance, countermeasures, satellite station keeping and free space communications. Its display group designs and produces advanced displays used for minimally invasive surgery, pilot training, armor/weapon training and soldier information systems (see product shot to the left). These products integrate the latest, high-performance, small-format displays into turnkey products.

Kaiser head-mounted displays are used in virtual reality training systems, industrial, medical and military applications. Whether the application requires overlay of data on the real world, full immersion in alternative visual experiences or enhancing human capabilities by providing infrared (IR), low light level (LLL), telescopic or microscopic "eyes," Rockwell Collins Kaiser Electro Optics is at the center of the solution.

Rockwell Collins Kaiser Electro Optics has an extensive in-house fabrication capability, and is very focused on being nimble and responsive to its customers.

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