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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT



For over 40 years, Redlake has helped to improve automotive safety, protect our nation, advance scientific/medical achievements and reduce manufacturing costs by providing high-speed and industrial cameras to just about every industry you can think of. Redlake cameras are ideal for applications such as:

  • Automotive, Airbag and Component Safety Testing
  • Machine Vision / Semiconductor
  • Production / Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences
  • Remote Sensing
  • Research, Design and Test
  • Range, Aerospace and Ballistics

High Speed Digital Imaging — Motion Cameras

For capturing high-speed imaging too fast for the human eye to see, slow-motion cameras from Redlake are capable of acquiring image sequences at over 100,000 frames per second. Redlake motion cameras empower you to slow the motion enabling you to analyze the details.

The MotionXtra product family is rugged and 100 G rated in all axes — enabling the cameras to operate in the most demanding environments. For easy downloading of image sequences, Redlake high-speed motion cameras support industry standard interfaces such as GigE, USB 2.0 and FireWire.

Industrial Digital Cameras — MegaPlus and MegaPlus II Cameras

Redlake (formerly Kodak MASD) pioneered high-resolution camera technology, first with the MegaPlus camera line and now with the next-generation MegaPlus II family of cameras. MegaPlus II features industry standard interfaces, multiple camera head support and embedded real-time pre-processing algorithms for the ultimate in image quality.

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