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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Real Life CSI

Crime scene investigators use WORM for immediate access to securely stored data
A police officer photographs a crime scene. The images will be stored on an SD WORM (Write Once, Read Many) card and preserved for up to 100 years.
Dynamis AB
Bin Picking is one of the most interesting opportunities in visionbased automation. In 2008, for example, Karlskoga, Sweden-based Dynamis AB, successfully introduced SensActive ™ technology for bin-picking applications.
Hofmann AMC
The goal of realizing additional business can be achieved in many different ways depending on your core business, customer base, competition and available budgets & resources. Opportunities can be grouped into three categories: Existing customer/new product, existing product/new customer and new product/new customer.
Baumer Gige Camera
National Instruments module for camera link FPGA image processing

By Samuel Yu

The phone rings in the middle of the night, waking up the crime scene investigator and summoning him to a crime scene just outside of town. As he approaches the scene, the CSI sees the body of a middle-aged man in a dark grey suit sprawled on the ground near an abandoned warehouse dumpster. In the night’s dim light, he thinks to himself “how will I document all of this?” Already, he’s snapping away, analyzing how to properly light the area and determine all the shots he needs to take in order to thoroughly record the crime scene.

Television brings this scene to millions of viewers every week, and to many, this usage of an imaging system has become second nature. But how many of us have actually considered all of the potential issues that could arise?

• Could someone accidentally delete a picture, leaving out a crucial piece of evidence that lets the perpetrator walk?

• Could someone edit the images to remove a critical piece of clothing or weapon, or perhaps add a murder weapon?

• If there’s an appeal 50 years later, will the images be intact and able to provide accurate documentation of the case?

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