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Updated: July 8th, 2008 05:26 PM CDT

RayBox Brings Simplicity to 3D Imaging

Create High-quality, 3D Images

The introduction of RayBox from ARTVPS means that leading 3D rendering technology is readily accessible to visual artists and designers looking to get more from 3D image creation.

ARTVPS' RayBox gives creative freedom to anyone needing to create high-quality, 3D images. RayBox supports all the standard features of Autodesk's leading 3D applications, 3Ds Max and Maya, ensuring quick and easy integration into any studio. A simple plug-in interface provides access to ARTVPS' physically-based rendering environment, which delivers real-world lighting, an advanced material library and accurate camera effects. RayBox correctly models every detail of surface shading or shadow, refracted or reflected ray of light, resulting in a truly photorealistic final image. ARTVPS Cambridge, England

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