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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Providing the Military with Better Resolution and Performance in the Field

Texas Instruments
Texas Instruments integrates four high-performance channels, which is particularly useful for military systems, because it typically is found in a number of imaging and laser-designation systems.

Texas Instruments (Dallas, Texas)

The Imaging Challenge:

Today's high-speed applications are demanding greater system density and performance while still providing low power consumption. Military systems are requiring more advanced resolution and performance, but need to reduce the size and power consumption of their optical detection and designation systems.

The Solution

The ADS6445/ADS6444/
ADS6443/ADS6442 (ADS644X) is a family of high performance 14-bit 125/105/80/65 MSPS quad channel A-D converters. This pin-compatible family offers designers an easy upgrade path with a range of resolutions, speed and performance options tailored to meet the requirements of advanced communications, radar and imaging. The integration of four high-performance channels is particularly useful for military systems as this is a typical channel count found in many imaging and laser designation systems.

The Difference it Made

By implementing the ADS644x family, high levels of integration allow a greater number of sensors, reducing system size by increasing channel count in a smaller package. And by providing 14-bit resolution with high speed it offers the ability to achieve extremely high signal-to-noise ratios after digital post-processing, which is critical for imaging-application sensors.

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