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Updated: January 12th, 2011 09:49 AM CDT

Prosilica: Easy Integration with Prosilica GigE Cameras

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GigE Vision-compliant digital camera
Prosilica Inc
101 - 3750 North Fraser Way
Burnaby, BC , V5J 5E9, Canada
Tel: +1 604 875 8855
Fax: +1 604 875 8856

Prosilica introduced the very first GigE Vision-compliant digital cameras to the market in 2005 and has become the leading supplier of GigE Vision cameras. Prosilica produces the widest range of GigE cameras, which now counts over 60 monochrome and color models. Our three series of GigE Vision cameras, the compact GE-Series, the ultra-compact and fast GC-Series, and the latest credit-card sized single-board GB-Series for OEM applications offer a wide range of options to match every customer's needs.

All aspects of Prosilica cameras are designed and manufactured entirely in-house (from firmware to hardware and drivers) to deliver a more robust and integrated product that meets the highest quality standards. Our cameras are noted for their high performance, ultra-compact size, light weight, fast frame rates, wide range of resolution (from VGA to 16 megapixel), advanced triggering, sophisticated controls, industrial ruggedness, and extreme versatility. They feature the latest progressive scan CCD and CMOS sensors for high image quality. Capable of streaming image data at a sustained 125MB/s transfer rate, the Prosilica Gigabit Ethernet interface is the fastest in the industry, 25 percent faster than our nearest competitor.

Prosilica cameras incorporate an advanced set of camera features including snapshot/global shutter, pixel binning, area of interest readout, external trigger and sync I/O, RS-232 peripheral port, exposure, and gain controls, non-volatile configuration memory, event recorder capability, pre-trigger recording, programmable strobe functions, multicasting, configurable IP addresses, auto-iris, auto-exposure and auto-white balance controls and more.


Prosilica digital cameras are ideal for a wide array of machine vision applications, including industrial inspection, medical imaging, ophthalmology, traffic imaging and monitoring, aeronautical and aerospace, license plate reading, public security, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), optical character recognition, biometrics, robotics, surveillance, 3D metrology, microscopy, fluorescence, LCD panel inspection, aerial photography and OEM applications.

Ease of integration and third-party compatibility

All of Prosilica's Gigabit Ethernet cameras are compliant to the AIA GigE Vision standard having the highest degree of plug-and-play usability and low integration costs. The interface also allows cable lengths of up to 100m (300 feet) using conventional Ethernet cabling (Cat5e).

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