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Micro Camera Family With Separated Heads

Micro Camera Family With Separated Heads

The XXS micro camera family features different sizes and separated heads. The 1/10? model has a 4mm diameter and an overall length of 7 mm. The 1/6?, 1/4?, 1/3? and 1/2? models with miniaturized remote head are available, too. Typical applications are industrial endoscopy and minimally invasive surgery for fixed or flexible endoscopes. The small and light design makes them suitable for applications in the area of robotics, assembly- and mounting devices or manipulators, as well as for under cover surveillance and as a special effects camera. Cable lengths can be up to 30 m (for the 1/10? up to 10 m). The camera functions (e.g. AIT, AGC, DRE, Measurement Window, Line Generator) can be controlled by keys or by the RS 232 interface. KAPPA opto-electronics GmbH. Gleichen, Germany.

Line Scan Camera Captures 56 Megapixel Images

Line Scan Camera Captures 56 Megapixel Images

The Opsis7500 can capture up to 150,000 lines per second at reduced resolution or 5,000 lines per second at full resolution, and can generate 56 Megapixel images. The camera features an on-board Motorola 860T PowerPC processor running VxWorks real-time operating system from Wind River (Alameda, CA) and a 10K130 FPGA from Altera (San Jose, CA) for real-time image processing of images in the camera's internal memory of 256 MB. The camera also has analog and digital inputs and outputs and a 330MB/sec FibreChannel (ANSI X3.320) output for real-time image capture. Wintriss Engineering. San Diego, CA.

Scanhead For High Resolution Color

Scanhead For High Resolution Color

The Model 3030/SRGB collects approximately 4 million RGB pixels to create a 2000x2000 pixel image, pitch of approximately 165 pixels per inch, approximately four pixels per vertex, and eight bits each for 24-bit RGB color. In addition, the white balance software for both RGB and SRGB improves color quality and reduces color noise. The Model 3030/SRGB shines a safe, low-intensity laser on an object to create a lighted profile. A high-quality sensor captures this profile from two viewpoints. A second sensor acquires RGB color information at the same time. The addition of color information to 3-D digitizing provides nearly all the information a graphics application needs to fully describe an object. Cyberware. Monterey, CA.

2-D Virtual Studio Software 2-D Virtual Studio Software

Viz|Ibis has been designed from the ground up with the end-user in mind. It has its own dedicated GUI, making operation extremely easy for first-time operators. No measurement of the studio or camera calibration is necessary. Pre-produced background images serve as the virtual backdrop. Background images can be live or taped video and rendered either internally through Viz|Engine using its new ?Snapshot? feature or rendered using external 3D software from Softimage, Maya, 3D Studio Max, etc. Viz|Ibis supports video, image and clip polygons as well as virtual blue screen production. Also included are the Viz|Engine 3-D renderer and Viz|IO, a studio configuration and calibration tool that enables connectivity and control between all required studio devices (such as cameras, routers, VTRs, video servers, audio mixers and other studio equipment.) Vizrt. Bergen, Norway.

Color Camera With IR & Serial Communications Color Camera With IR & Serial Communications

XDC-220IR offers a 220X zoom range at 480TVL and utilizes a 1/4? High Resolution CCD pickup chip. The XDC-220IR also comes equipped with 18 Ultra Bright IR LEDs rated at 880nm. This makes for an effective IR distance of 45 to 55 feet. The 48 Zone Super BLC function allows for placement of the camera in areas where normal BLC would not suffice. All of the camera's functions can be controlled via RS-232/485 with the included Remote Control software. The XDC-220IR also offers OSD and Camera Title/ID capabilities, horizontal and vertical image reversal, 64 user defined alarm based zoom and focus settings, image freeze capabilities, and also has Y/C output support. Polaris Industries, Inc. Norcross, GA.

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