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Phase One P25Digital Camera Backs

The P25 (pictured) and the P 20 digital camera backs feature the patent-pending Intelligent Image Quality RAW (IIQ RAW) format, increased sustained capture rate, the ability to store two to three time as many images on memory card or hard disk and to quickly transfer files, fast archiving of RAW files, on-the-fly image conversion and fast image browsing, zooming and panning of RAW files on the LCD screen. The P-series is based on the company's ?sleeping architecture? ? the digital backs are only powered when releasing the camera release button. There is no need for active cooling, and the P 25 and P 20 are supported by C1 3.5 RAW workflow software. The 2.2? LCD screen is optimized for outdoor use, and the ISO ranges from 50 to 800.
Phase One. Melville, NY / Frederiksberg, Denmark.

Turnkey Development/Evaluation System

The Easy PowerPC 750FX is a true VME system incorporating a VME 2e SST-enabled PowerPC 750FX SBC with 256 MB DRAM, 64 MB Flash, 2 PMC sites, a 36GB SCSI disk, a 2U rack and embedded software. To simplify setup and evaluation, this integrated system is furnished with VxWorks 5.5, LynxOS and Linux 2.4. This OS combination allows instant choice and comparison. In addition, the user can have the system up and running in just seconds using simple firmware commands. Small demo and benchmark programs are provided for each of the three operating systems. The Easy PowerPC is based on the PowerPC 750FX.
Thales Computers. Raleigh, NC.

FCPA µJewelMicrojoule Femtosecond Laser

the FCPA µJewel from IMRA America Inc. (Ann Arbor, MI) offers microJoule level pulse energy at near infrared wavelength at a high repetition rate (10kHz to 5MHz). This femtosecond laser offers microjoule energies with widely variable repetition rates in a single-box package, which requires no alignment during installation. It offers a plug-and-play solution which can be user installed by simply connecting an umbilical cord; no water-cooling is required. The unique ablation properties of femtosecond lasers render higher precision in micromachining with reduced thermal effects, as well as a reduction in debris, recast, and burring. Additionally, they allow easier cutting and drilling of transparent materials with less collateral damage to the workpiece. These unique processing capabilities are being exploited in the semiconductor industry.
Photonic Solutions Plc. Edinburgh, UK.

AvaSpec-FT Fibre Optic SpectrometerFiber Optic Spectrometer

The AvaSpec-FT Fibre Optic Spectrometer from Avantes (Eerbeck, The Netherlands) is suitable for Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) and fluorescence applications. The system has a fixed 1200ns delay for the light source trigger and a programmable delay to start the integration time from -42 ns to 2.7 ms, in 42ns increments. The -42ns delay is particularly useful for measuring the output of fast pulsed lasers. Integration time can also be varied from 2 ms to 60 seconds. For LIBS and fluorescence applications, the flexibility of the timing control ensures user confidence that their high speed sources and signal measurements can be properly coordinated. The AvaSpec-2048-FT can be delivered in all configurations and has all the features of the standard AvaSpec-2048.
Anglia Instruments Limited. Cambridgeshire, UK.

19? Rackmount LCD

The 19? rackmount flat panel LCD is a rugged display platform with a large viewable area that is suitable for industrial automation, process control, aerospace, medical diagnostics and defense monitoring applications. It features a 0.299mm dot pitch, a 225-nit luminance and a contrast ratio of 500:1 as well as a 176º viewing angle. It also has both digital and analog inputs, and incorporates automatic power saving modes (VESA DPMS) to lower power consumption to 2 watts. Options and customization are also available, such as touchscreens, protective glass, custom bezel colors and private labeling or logos.

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