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4-Channel DVR4-Channel DVR

The DVR4 is capable of storing images indefinitely, saving JPEG images to a removable SD card or over a network, and keeping an event archive that can store alarm or motion activity history. DVR system presets can be saved to SD cards and transported to another DVR4. MJPEG allows high-resolution images to be stored in compact files and a watermarking feature guarantees the authenticity of the recorded images. The DVR4?s controls replicate control features found on many VCRs and multiplexers, providing users with an easy, intuitive interface to the DVR controls. With the front panel controls the user can search recorded video using filtered time, date and events, and view live video and alarm events using a jog/shuttle dial that offers variable frame rate control.
Videology Imaging Solutions. Greenville, RI / Uden, The Netherlands.

Phase Measuring DeflectometryPhase Measuring Deflectometry

Using the company’s new area type 3D sensor, PMD 3D measures specular surfaces like those of eyeglass lenses, car bodies, plastic films, solar cell, hard disks, etc. in a fast, accurate and cost-efficient manner. This product provides a tool for development and quality assurance departments to improve the production process in order to avoid manufacturing errors and, consequently, to minimize the costs. The new sensor is based on the principle of Phase Measuring Deflectometry. The sensor has an 80x80mm² field of view, a ±45º measuring range and a measurement uncertainty of -0.02 dpt. Control and evaluation software for Windows NT/2000/XP is included.
3D-SHAPE GmbH. Erlangen, Germany.

Gamma Knife For RadiosurgeryGamma Knife For Radiosurgery

Leksell Gamma Knife 4C is the fourth generation of radiosurgery weapons in the fight against brain disorders, with enhancements designed to improve workflow, increase accuracy and provide integrated imaging capabilities. The new features and advancements allow operators to have the flexibility to view planning information on both sides of the couch, and the redesigned operator console is more intuitive and easier to use. The faster, more efficient helmet changer and robotic Automatic Positioning System streamline operations and reduce treatment time. Gamma Knife is used for a variety of neurological disorders, including AVMs, vestibular schwannomas, menungiomas, pituitary tumors, trigeminal nerve targets and brain metases.
Elekta.Atlanta, GA / Stockholm, Sweden.

Hardware Ray Tracing SupportHardware Ray Tracing Support

RenderPipe integrates with Maya, VIZ and 3ds max to give users access to hardware accelerated ray tracing on the company’s PURE and RenderDrive systems. The new RenderPipe plug-ins extend support for color and environment nodes in Maya 6 and VIZ 2005. RenderPipe’s speed has also been increased by caching data on PURE or RenderDrive systems between frames, saving re-export of unchanged data on consecutive frames. It supports standard materials and RenderMan RP shaders for all versions of Maya, VIZ and 3ds max. It features RenderCoat material library, which provides physically based surface materials tuned for PURE and RenderDrive’s accelerated ray tracing.
ART VPS Ltd. Cambridge, UK.

RGBHV Over Single-Mode Fiber CableRGBHV Over Single-Mode Fiber Cable

The Cheetah V5 is a family of video transmitter and receiver modules used to distribute high-resolution computer video signals over single-mode fiber optic cable. Paired with the Cheetah HD Multi-Rate Routing Switcher, it requires only one rackframe. And since the Cheetah V5 actually passes RGBHV at the standard 1.485Gb/sec data rates specified for SMPTE 292M high-definition signals, users are assured of a future-proof solution that can be used with SD and HD sources, as well as wideband signals, in the same frame. As SD and HD equipment becomes more widely available and less cost-prohibitive, the user's investment in the Cheetah is protected. The Cheetah V5 solution also provides greater signal integrity because fiber transmission is immune to noise. The system is compatible with all existing control systems and control panels, or it can easily be integrated with third-party control systems.

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