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Low-Voltage Crystal Oscillators from Fox ElectronicsLow-Voltage Crystal Oscillators

The F4700/F4710 Series of crystal oscillators employ low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS), making it suitable for use in a variety of high-speed digital signaling applications, including the transfer of video, 3D graphics and photo-realistic image data from cameras to PCs and printers, through LAN, phone and satellite systems and ultimately into home set-top boxes and digital VCRs. They help to lower power consumption and reduce noise of the overall data transfer system. The oscillators are available in supply voltages of 3.3 V ±5% (F4700 Series) and 2.5 V ±5% (F4710 series), offer a differential output voltage of 0.247-0.454 V, with 0.33 V being typical. Frequency stabilities are ±100 ppm, ±50 ppm, ±25 ppm and ±20 ppm. Standard frequency range is 70-170 MHz, with frequencies up to 20 mHz upon request.
Fox Electronics.
Fort Myers, FL.

Measurement Software For Non-Contact Inspection Systems from Cyber Technologies USAMeasurement Software For Non-Contact Inspection Systems

AScan software provides fast, automatic measurement capability for CyberScan Vantage or CT300 high-resolution laser-based non-contact inspection systems . This enabling software tool automatically scans and measures 2D profiles and 3D raster data from dispensed adhesive dots, thickfilm circuits, solder paste deposits, gaskets, tiny electronic components, or other printed or dispensed features. Its operator-friendly interface offers quick and easy setup and task programming, process monitoring and SPC analysis support, and more. Its ability to automate repetitive tasks and wide range of powerful features provide speed and flexibility to R&D and low-volume production applications. Inspection tasks can be completely automated and results can be stored in files for further analysis or send to an existing database or SPC system.
Cyber Technologies USA.
Ogdensburg, NY.

CMOS Digital Camera from Vision Research, Inc.CMOS Digital Camera

The Phantom v9.0 high-speed digital CMOS camera offers a full frame recording speed of 1,000 pictures per second with 1600x1,200 pixel resolution and a maximum rate of 144,175 pps. Compact and ruggedly built, the v9.0 is available in both color and monochrome models. Offering Gigabit Ethernet or RS232 for camera control and image transfer of internally stored recorded images, the v9.0 is also compatible with modulated or un-modulated IRIG-B timing signals and features an IRIG Lock that can be phase shifted. Analog signals from other test instrumentation can also be input and recorded by the camera during an event. Optional real-time image recording can be accomplished using the new Phantom Image3 external memory storage unit to satisfy long record time requirements. Using a 2Gps fiber interface, the Image3 offers the flexibility to be configured for virtually unlimited image memory.
Vision Research, Inc.
Wayne, NJ.

Software For High-Speed Laser Scanner from Leica Geosystems HDS, Inc. Software For High-Speed Laser Scanner

CloudWorx 3.0 and Cyclone 5.1 (pictured) are for controlling the HDS4500 laser scanner and for processing data. CloudWorx 3.0 processes very large laser scan data sets directly within MicroStation and AutoCAD environments for AEC as-built applications. Two new features —spatial indexing of point cloud data and the management of multiple limit boxes to hide unwanted data — enables CAD users to efficiently navigate through large point clouds. Cyclone 5.1 directly exposes point cloud data from this scanner to the full power and versatility of Cyclone and CloudWorx. It can be used to efficiently geo-reference, register and process point clouds into deliverables. Other new features include the ability to re-sample into regular grids and to readily compare as-built topographic surfaces to design surfaces for construction QA or progress monitoring.
Leica Geosystems HDS, Inc.
San Ramon, CA.

Bar Code Scanner For Industrial Applications from MicroscanBar Code Scanner For Industrial Applications

The MS-860 compact raster scanner saves time for automation engineers of all skill levels. By using the EZ button on the side of the unit, the calibration process is initiated to automatically optimize the MS-860’s read settings for the specific bar code. Engineers no longer need to go through the time-consuming process of learning how to use the product before installing it on the line. The button can also be used to activate user-definable features such as the sweeping raster and auto-framing capability. Auto-framing enables the raster to automatically adjust to the height and width of the bar codes, optimizing scanner performance for reading stacked 2D codes such as RSS/Composite and PDF417. A green flash provides operators with instant visual confirmation of a good read.

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