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Cartesian Planar System

Utilizing planar motor technology, this Cartesian system is a true direct drive single plane positioning stage. The two-component system consists of passive, magnet-free stationary platen, and dual axes moving forcer, gliding on the air bearings. The stage is built with field replaceable cable track, enclosing electrical cable and air supply, and a panel, containing user electrical and air connectors. A scalable forcer design provides forces from 5-100 lb., motion repeatability of 0.0001? and travel length up 40? x 60?. It is capable of velocities 80 in/sec, compatible with standard micro stepping indexer/drivers and offers a cost effective, compact envelope planar XY linear positioning system. This system is designed for high accuracy, repeatability and speed, simplifying system design by eliminating problems associated with stackable XY tables. Typical applications include electronic assembly and testing, robotic dispensing systems, semiconductor manufacturing and robotic pick and place in medical manufacturing and laboratory automation applications. IntelLiDrives, Inc. Philadelphia , PA.

High-Resolution Imaging Spectrographs

The Hyperspec VS25 combines imaging capabilities with a rugged, field-proven design. Operating within the 400-1000 nm spectral region and featuring 2-3nm spectral resolution, the VS25 provides a level of precision previously unavailable for air- and space-borne imaging platforms. It is suitable for integration into homeland security, military reconnaissance, and environmental remote sensing systems. The Hyperspec VS50 is suitable for at-line or on-line industrial process monitoring and quality control, especially on moving webs of industrial product. It operates from 900-1700 nm with 10nm spectral resolution. The design flexibility also allows the use of many different CCD camera options with a range of performance attributes. For easy integration, both the VS50 and VS25 feature pre-aligned optics and a robust housing that measures 5.0? x 6.0? x 4.0?. Each spectrograph can be ordered with standard or custom mounting brackets for specific foreoptics, cameras, and flight-ready options to accommodate application-specific requirements. Headwall Photonics. Fitchburg , MA .

Fluorescent Light Panels

The ML series of fluorescent light panels utilize two T5 fluorescent lamps that deliver high-output, deluxe daylight (5000K) illumination and are user replaceable. The T5 fluorescent lamps also provide 7,000 hours of uniform lighting and are driven by electronic ballasts to provide high-frequency (25 kHz) flicker-free illumination that is ideal for imaging applications. These units are equipped with a 24 VDC adapter that accepts universal voltage input (100-240VAC) and are available in two aperture sizes; 8? x 18? (460 x 205mm) or 12? x 18? (460 x 305mm). Features include white (daylight), uniform backlighting, high-frequency electronic ballast for efficient, flicker-free illumination and replaceable lamps. It can be use in tight spaces and designed for desktop or wall mounting. Applications include film and paper examination and high-speed inspection. StockerYale. Salem , NH .

Wireless Projector

The InFocus X2 is a multi-use projector that is designed for both business applications and home entertainment. Its technology is based on the X1, which catered to the needs of small and medium businesses, government agencies and educators looking for a low-cost solution. The X2 can be set up to be wireless by using the LiteShow secure wireless solution. Features include extended lamp life, video quality of 1500 lumens and 2000:1 contrast ratio and automatic deinterlacing for smooth, true-to-life images. Color-coded cables, intuitive keypads, simple remote controls and smart interactive menus enable users to easily operate the projector, which the company calls ?Projectability.? InFocus Corporation. Wilsonville , OR .

Motorized Zoom Beam Expander

This motorized zoom beam expander uses a proprietary five lens-element design with three lens groups to reduce the internal focus, and a fused silica lenses on the two input groups. This allows the expander to tolerate a very high damage threshold (up to 100MW/cm 2 . Expansion range is 2x-8x (continuous) with an input aperture of 10 mm (max) and an output aperture of 30 mm. Wavefront distortion is less than 1/4 wave at 633 nm. Field of view is +/-0.5° and transmission is more than 95%. Expansion time is ~10 seconds. The zoom beam expander can be built to the customers' specific requirements. Special Optics Manufacture & Design. Wharton , NJ .

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