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Time-Of-Flight Detectors

The new line of Miniature Advanced Performance, Time-of-Flight Detectors are suitable for small, portable mass spectrometry detection devices especially those intended for homeland security applications. These new miniature detectors offer a range of configurations and previously unobtainable levels of mass resolution, dynamic range, and detection sensitivity. The high performance detectors are offered in the most compact packages available to help make portable instruments smaller and lighter. Their unique size offers an 8mm flat input surface providing uniform ion conversion gains in excess of 10 6 . It may be operated at up to 100°C and vacuum baked at up to 150°C allowing rapid chamber degassing and ultra quiet instrument operation. Each Detector utilizes two 5-micron Long-Life?, small pore, Extended Dynamic Range? microchannel plates (arranged as a Chevron) mounted on a compact vacuum flange for easy installation. Burle Electro-Optics, Inc. Sturbridge , MA .

Enhanced CAM Software

CAM 2 Measure 4.0 features 250 enhancements over previous versions, among them a new user interface that shares a common look and feel with the Gage Software. In addition, probe calibration has been enhanced for improved accuracy and data acquisition control. New Measurement commands include Torus, Torus Segment, Rectangular Toroid and Extruded Rectangle. The Tubing functionality enables users to measure bends of 180° or greater on both round and rectangular tubes. Cross-Section Measuring now automatically compares a stream of data to the CAD surface. Laser Tracker measurements can have greater angular repeatability in a variety of positions. FARO Technologies Inc. Lake Mary , FL.

Bore Sight Accurate Laser Diode Module

The Acculase allows for adjustment during manufacture to set the accuracy to any desired degree. The accuracy is then virtually maintained, even when a user-focusable device is required. The Acculase was designed to reduce the time and cost of initial assembly in a major robotic machine vision application, and also reduces downtime, should replacement be necessary. Output powers can be as high as 100 mW, in wavelengths from 635-810 nm. The laser output can also be synchronized with high-speed cameras at frame rates as fast as 100 kHz. Global Laser Technology Solutions. Cwmtillery, South Wales .

Low-Cost OP-FTIR Spectrometer

This low-cost open-path Fourier transform infrared (OP-FTIR) spectrometer system includes automated algorithms for quantifying volatile organic compounds in industrial settings. To keep costs low, an encoder-based reference system, low spectral resolution, an uncooled pyroelectric detector and a plastic injection molded retroreflector array (patent-pending) have been implemented. This 8cm -1 system operates over the 7-14µm range. Other features include a 6? telescope, two custom PCI boards and a COTS A to D, which interface with the spectrometer. The algorithms employ artificial neural networks and partial least squares to discriminate and quantify a list of 105 organic compounds in the presence of varying humidity levels. An automatic calibration scheme measures zero path spectra for the algorithms, which require absorbance spectra, and also as a system health check. OPTRA, Inc. Topsfield , MA .

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