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Upgraded Image Enhancement Toolkit

Prizm® IP v1.5 is a SDK that provides image enhancement and forms processing capabilities for black and white, grayscale and color document images. Available as either a COM/ActiveX or C++, Prizm IP features an automatic rotation feature that was developed in conjunction with ScanSoft for bitonal, gray and color images. Its new Digital Mark Recognition? technology is a patent-pending software that uses advanced forms registration tools to locate and read marks on a continuous tone (color or grayscale) image. Other key features include bitonal image processing migration, bitonal deskew with confidence values, blank page detection, border detection, automatic brightness/contrast and invoice thresholding. TMSSequoia. Stillwater , OK .

Space-Saving Industrial Chassis

The CRM / FTS -2184 is highly configurable by offering a micro-floppy drive, micro-CD-ROM and two 3.5? internal drive bays to accommodate RAID solutions. The compact 2U chassis features an open architecture design that supports industry-standard PICMG single board computers an full-length I/O cards. Several backplane options are available to fit the needs of the application. OEM applications include medical and laboratory imaging, industrial control and automation, data acquisition, COTS military/aerospace and communication, Internet/Intranet infrastructure markets.

The CRM / FTS -4194 has a floppy drive and two 5.25? drive bays to accommodate RAID solutions. The compact 14-slot chassis also features an open architecture that supports industry-standard PICMG single-board computers and full-length I/O cards. A backplane that supports up to nine 64-bit PCI slots running up to 66MHz for high-performance I/O cards and other backplanes supporting four to twelve 32-bit/33MHz PCI slots ands up to nine ISA slots are available. Diversified Technology. Ridgeland , MS .

Plastic Encapsulated Photodiodes

The silicon detectors incorporate a short pass filter which blocks wavelengths longer than 700 nm. Filtering of this nature has been previously accomplished by using a combination of costly, externally mounted glass filters. This innovative design meets cost-sensitive needs of the commercial market while reducing overall size. The miniaturization of these plastic encapsulated photodiodes assists engineers in their pursuit of microtechnology. UDT Sensors, Inc. Hawthorne , CA


Module For SEM Applications

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