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February 2004

Imager For Seamless Displays
The Imager enables the geometric distortion correction of projected images on to cylindrical or spherical screen displays for perfectly uniform, seamless images. It complements the Matrix 1500 and Matrix 2500, as well as the MirageSIM three-chip DLP™ purpose-built projectors. The Imager apples an advanced digital filter technique to eliminate aliasing effects that can be caused by mapping pixels to a new position. Where two images overlap, a blend region is defined where one projector fades out and another fades in. Using digital techniques, this blend region is nearly unseen to the observer as the correct proportion from each projector is precisely calculated. Independent digital shading of each color plane provides the means to compensate for color shifts between projectors and color variations within curved dome displays and back projection hotspots can also be pre-calculated and removed. Christie. Kitchener, ON, Canada; Cypress, CA.
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Laser Measurement Sensor
The Z500 laser measurement sensor combines a wide beam (4-45mm) laser and a two-dimensional CCD to conduct extremely accurate two-dimensional measurements in a single procedure. This eliminates the time needed by traditional laser sensors for multiple single-point measurements and increases accuracy by eliminating sensor and object movement during measurement. The sensor uses a Class II or IIIb visible red laser and measures at distances from 5.2-100 mm with resolution from 2.5-1.0µ. The Z500 system features s sensor (up to two can be connected), a controller, a programming console and a liquid crystal monitor that can display measurement data in four different formats. Applications include automotive and electronics. Omron Electronics LLC. Schaumburg, IL.
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Modular Beam Delivery System

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