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Product Reviews

November 2002

MegaPlus EE 4.0/E digital camera4-MEGAPIXEL CAMERA LINK CAMERA
The MegaPlus EE 4.0/E digital camera incorporates a 2048 x 2048 pixel CCD-based sensor from Eastman Kodak and an optional Camera Link digital interface. The ES 4.0/E captures up to 15 full frames per second with a spatial resolution of over four million pixels. This camera is specifically designs for monitoring critical events requiring high resolution, such as digital radiography, and is also well-suited for such machine vision applications as wafer inspection. Features include 12-bit readout, electronic shuttering to 98 microseconds, low noise output and uniformity of response across the entire image.
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QPm V2.0 software system for phase contrast microscopyPHASE CONTRAST FOR MICROSCOPES
QPm V2.0 is a new software system for phase contrast microscopy, providing phase and intensity data independently utilizing conventional brightfield optics. The QPm software system offers improved clarity of transmission and reflection images on upright or inverted microscopes, as well as stereo microscopes. QPm provides flexibility in image construction and data analysis. A full suite of phase contrast techniques include Pure Phase images, a new contrast mechanism; LM phase images such as PC, DIC, HMC and Darkfield; abd the ability to go directly from conventional brightfield images in just seconds. QPm V2.0 makes possible non-interventional imaging of live cells without the need for staining or fixing.
IATIA LTD. Victoria, Australia.
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