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Product Reviews

September 2002

The MIC-D digital microscope system for fine detail inspection utilizes USB technology to produce a live image viewable on a computer monitor. The MIC-D uses an inverted lens design so that structures of variable size and shape can be viewed with little preparation, while an internalized zoom lens system with magnification up to 270X eliminates the need for several fixed magnification objectives. By simply rotating the LED lamp arm, one can illuminate opaque objects in reflected light, oblique, and transmitted light settings. Because the image is viewed on a monitor rather than conventional eyepieces, the MIC-D facilitates simultaneous viewing by multiple persons-and since the images are digital, processing is made quicker. OLYMPUS AMERICA, INC. Melville, NY.
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laser scan micrometerLASER SCAN MICROMETER
A scanning speed of 226 m/s is one drawing factor of the Desktop Laser Scan Micrometer, which allows inspection of small, high-temperature, or fragile workpieces-even during motion or vibration. This device also measures transparent objects. Measuring range is from 0.5mm to 60mm, with selectable resolution from 50nm to 0.1mm and repeatability of 0.6 microns. Two items may be measured simultaneously, and measurement conditions can be set and later recalled to accommodate different workpiece shapes, maximum and minimum values, and sample measurement. EDMUND INDUSTRIAL OPTICS (EO). Barrington, NJ.
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instant digital printingINSTANT DIGITAL PRINTING
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