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Product Reviews

August 2002

The new Owl camera line, with Low Noise Linear Sensors, offers high sensitivity, low noise and a maximum clock rate of 50 Megapixels/sec per output. All cameras in the Owl family use Camera-Link to ease the integration of the camera into a user's application. They produce 14 bits per pixel and can be configured to optimize their performance. With the sensitivity of a TDI camera and the integration of a line-scan camera, the Owl operates with under 10 e-/pixel read house at 40,000 lines/sec. PIXEL DEVICES. Sunnyvale, CA.
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create embedded vision systems in applications with this softwareSOFTWARE FOR CREATING EMBEDDED VISION SYSTEMS
Version 6.1 of N.I.'s Vision Development software allows engineers and scientists to create embedded vision systems in such applications as automated inspection and alignment for manufacturing. The 6.1 module bundles IMAQ Vision 6.1 and IMAQ Vision Builder 6.1, letting users quickly prototype vision apps and generate LabVIEW programs on a host computer, then deploy those apps on a real-time PXI/CompactPCI platform. This software improves pattern-matching accuracy up to ten times for use with both the PXI and Windows platforms, while providing faster learning speeds, a smaller image template size, and double the search speed. NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS. Austin, TX.
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