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Product Reviews

June 2002

CMOS digital imaging systemHIGH-SPEED DI SYSTEM
The DVR is a high-resolution, high-speed CMOS digital imaging system that offers 30 minutes of full-resolution recording at 500 frames per second. Recordings can be made at 1000 and 2000 fps by reducing the resolution and can be made longer by reducing the speed to 125 fps. The DVR writes directly into a 120GB compact and removable IDE hard drives for easy storage and recovery. The camera's sensor is a CMOS 640 x 480 pixel progressive scan (Bayer system color, single sensor) with a global electronic shutter. Images can be saved in JPEG, AVI, TIFF, BMP and RAW (compressed or uncompressed) formats. PHOTRON. San Diego, CA.
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Image capture softwareIMAGE CAPTURE SOFTWARE
Captiva is an affordable solution for those who require basic imaging functionality. This image capture software allows users to intelligently acquire their images using a scanner or camera while automatically keeping track of multiple calibration settings. Captiva also contains a mosaic feature that allows the automatic or manual stitching of images, and annotation tools in which users can overlay non-destructive text or graphics. Point-to-point direct measures can also be applied for measurement functionalities. CLEMEX TECHNOLOGIES, INC. Longueuil, Canada.
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