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Product Reviews

April 2002

Topaq Advanced Imaging System from Sensor ProductsSTRESS DISTRIBUTION ET MAGNITUDE SYSTEM
The Topaq Advanced Imaging System, used in conjunction with Fuji Prescale/Pressurex stress indicating films, is a post-process interpretative system that collects stress and force data at the film's interface surface. In many instances, it can be used to confirm the results of FEA analysis, It can render an image in five seconds. Some features include histograms of pressure levels, enlargement and reduction, pseudo-color and 3D viewing modes, extensive smoothing, filtering and thresholding, and enabling integration of total area and force. Grid-Maker applies a designated mesh overlay to an image and assimilates the statistical data for each cell into Excel format. SENSOR PRODUCTS INC. East Hanover, NJ.

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3D Identification System from Geometrix Inc.3D IDENTIFICATION SERIES
FaceVision 3D Identification System family offers fully automatic three-dimensional imaging of human faces for facial recognition, 3D "mug shots," fraud-resistant identification documents and passenger screening systems. The patent-pending "dense stereo" technology compares simultaneous images taken from two nearly identical points of view and finds every tiny visual feature on the face (such as individual hair follicles), then triangulates from the camera positions to extract the precise distance of each feature from the camera. The 200 and 600 Series are available. GEOMETRIX, INC. Silicon Valley, CA.

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