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Product Reviews


Product Reviews

January 2002

DVD-R/CD-R ComposerPro optical Disk Duplicator DVD-R/CD-R DISC DUPLICATOR
The latest version of the ComposerPro optical Disc Duplicator incorporates the new Pioneer DVR-A03 DVD-R/CD-R drive, which also puts DVD-RW and CD-RW on the single drive unit. This is the first unit to offer this technology for a publishing system that automatically records and prints as well. It records DVD-R format at 2X speed and CD-R at 8X, while offering 4.7GB storage capacity. Precision robotics and Windows-based system software enable recording and surface printing of batches of 100 discs. PRIMERA TECHNOLOGY. Plymouth, MN.

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OCV Optical Character Verification and OCR Optical Character Recognition IRIS RECOGNITION CAMERA
Specifically designed for biometrics iris recognition cyber-security apps, the Authenticam system combines Panasonic CCD cameras with Iridian Technologies' "Private ID" advanced iris recognition and authentification software, "Secure Suite" software for secure access to files by multiple users. Authenticam is ready for use across enterprises, on-Web, and with legacy applications, storing eye imagery on PC hosts for verification. PANASONIC SECURITY & DIGITAL IMAGING/IRIDIAN TECHNOLOGIES. Moorestown, NJ.

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