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Product Reviews

November 2001


Designed for use in difficult outdoor-or even indoor-dirt-and-grease-filled environments, the new CCC3560N third-inch color CCD camera joins the EnviroCam line of palm-sized surveillance/security cameras. The true dust-proof and weatherproof housing shields a 480-line Hyper GAD CCD with 1 LUX low illumination at f1.2. A heater/blower and 3.5-8mm var-focus lens are included, as are controls for BLC, AGC, and Gamma. A B/W version (the CCM3660N) is also available. COSTAR VIDEO SYSTEMS. Carrollton, TX.

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OCV Optical Character Verification and OCR Optical Character RecognitionINDUSTRIAL OCV/OCR FOR IN-SIGHT
Software tools for high performance Optical Character Verification (OCV) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) have been added for the much-adopted In-Sight line of vision sensors. Joining the maker's library of vision tools for inspection, identification and measurement of parts, the OCV tool enables verification of correctness and legibility of printed characters in packaging, labeling, etc.-even with wide variations in label orientation or print quality. The OCR tool enables reading of alphanumeric codes on everything from financial documents to industrial components. A graphical font training utility eases application set-up. COGNEX CORPORATION. Natick, MA.
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