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Product Reviews

October 2001


The HiPerCam 2 is an OEM subsystem married to an area scan CCD camera (Sony XC-75,55, 8500 or 711 sensors) with an intelligent frame grabber for PCs in one compact box, designed for production automation and quality assurance industrial applications. The user can select progressive scan or interlace approaches, and can also interface multiple cameras via the unit, for applications such as clothing inspection that often demand multiple imagers. Compatible With Win NT, Linux, Vxworks and pSOS, and built on an Intel Celeron processor, the hardware supports 16-128 MB memory via a 64-bit SO-DIMM SDRAM. Internal and external triggering are choices. AMERICAN ELTEC, Princeton, NJ.

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IK-542XD  by Toshiba America Information Systems ImagingPROGRESSIVE SCAN VISION CAMERA
A progressive scan monochrome model designed for fast machine vision applications, the new IK-542XD is a half-inch CCD offered in two versions-a traditional one-piece model and a remote head design for tight spaces. Both are compatible with a wide variety of available frame grabbers with RS-170 output. With square pixels and full frame image capture in 1/60 second, and 490x480 res, this camera ensures sharp, accurate imaging for measurement applications. TOSHIBA AMERICA INFORMATION SYSTEMS IMAGING, Irvine, CA.
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